Fifth Installment of Popular Series Wows Gamers

After five years, Rockstar Games has released their newest addition to the "Grand Theft Auto" game series. The highly anticipated "Grand Theft Auto V" broke records with its release on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Gamers flocked to stores to buy the game, making it the largest entertainment launch in history, grossing over $1 billion dollars in sales.

"Grand Theft Auto lll" was the first of the 3D series to release in 2001. The game gained popularity with its open concept that allows the player to roam and operate as they wanted around city settings.

The game is played in a third-person perspective where players roam freely in an urban atmosphere. Players are to carry out a verity of missions in order to progress through the story, but are able to do so at their own leisure. As players commit crimes, law enforcement follows and increases with the severity of crimes.

In "GTA V," players travel around the city of "Los Santos," a fictional city based on Los Angeles. Players have the choice to play with one of the three main characters: Franklin, Michael or Trevor.

Unlike the older games in the series, each player comes with their own distinct stories, personalities and skills. Each character has eight basic skills that they're able to increase with practice along with a specialized ability. Trevor is able to do the most damage when on a rampage, Franklin is the best driver during high speed chases and missions, and Michael is the gun expert with precise slow-motion shooting. Depending on the mission, certain characters are required to be used based on their ability.

Although the missions are completed with different characters, they all interact and come together to complete the storyline. The missions provide different challenges to keep the player interested in the evolving plot.

The city is enormous, but players are able to travel by many forms of transportation including a variety of cars, planes, helicopters and bikes all at your disposal.

Characters also perform a wide range of real-life activities and hobbies. They can do the basic things such as go to different clubs and shops, but with new features, they're able to purchase an assortment of material items and perform different activities to improve their character.

Another new feature is the multi-player online mode. This feature allows up to 16 players in the single-player setting. Players are able to join together to make crews in order to work together.

Not only can players connect with each other online, but a new app allows players to interact from their phone. "Grand Theft Auto: was launched with the game, letting players train your character's dog from the convenience of your phone, among other tasks.

With its huge success, there is no doubt that another addition to the "Grand Theft Auto" series will be made in the future for the new game consoles. With all of its advanced features and technology, the question remains: how will they top this one?