New iPhones Offer More Options, Fast Upgrades

Every high-powered phone in the world runs on a 32-bit processor. However, only the new iPhone 5s runs on a 64-bit processor A7 chip.

For those who aren’t technology savvy, this probably means absolutely nothing. It comes off like some odd technological jargon that might not sound like it’s going to change your mind about another new model of the iPhone. However, Apple is confident that this new A7 chip will help make the new iPhone revolutionary.

So, what makes the A7 chip so special? Well, put simply, it will help the phone run faster, perform significantly better, and allow for some cool new features.

Take, for example, the new Touch ID feature, which is only available on the iPhone 5s. Touch ID gets rid of all kinds of number combination locks and passwords that you may have used to open your phone or download apps on your iPhone. Those are all a thing of the past, as you can now just touch your phone and it will recognize your fingerprint for any kind of security access. Not only is this an awesome innovation, but it has also been widely reported to work very well.

The A7 chip also helps the phone’s speed improve significantly, with a processor that runs twice as fast as the current A6 chip in older iPhone 5 models. The new A7 chip also enhances the battery life as well, as it is designed to be more energy efficient than the A6 chip. The iPhone 5s offers 10 hours of life through constant usage and 250 hours on standby.

The speed of the A7 chip also helps the iPhone 5s have a better camera. Each photo capture is faster, and the phone auto focuses twice as fast than on the A6 chip. Also, the phone’s camera takes much higher quality photos and is 33 percent more light sensitive, making the camera better at capturing light.

The A7 chip isn’t the only new piece of the iPhone 5s puzzle, as there is a M7 co-processor built in strictly for motion purposes. While this may also sound like a complicated piece of technology inside the new phone, its functions are actually quite simple. The M7 constantly collects data for the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass functions. This will come in handy for fitness and map applications.

If the iPhone 5s sounds compelling to you, then you should be prepared to spend quite a bit of money for it. The 16 GB model is $199, the 32 GB model is $299, and the 64 GB model is $399 with a contract.

However, if you were hoping for a new model of the iPhone 5 with a cheaper price, your prayers may have been answered.

While the iPhone 5c is devoid of the A7 chip, meaning it is lacking in all of the new fancy features that the iPhone 5s has, it comes at a cheaper price. The 16 GB model is $99, and the 32 GB model is $199. While the features remain largely similar to the iPhone 5, it’s made of polycarbonate, making it a lot more comfortable to hold. It also comes in green, yellow, blue, white and red. The iPhone 5s only comes in white, black and gold.

So, while the iPhone 5c is nothing close to revolutionary compared to the older iPhone 5 models, it is more bank-account friendly and has a more comfortable feel. But, for those looking for an iPhone with new features, the iPhone 5s is the way to go.

Both the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s were made available in stores on Sept. 20.