THE WEEKLY GRIND: Fall is Officially Here

I'd like to think autumn is a journalist's favorite time of year. It's not particularly my favorite (although I am partial to leather and scarves), but it's the season where my industry thrives.

First, there is a plethora of exciting events to cover: fashion week, football season, television premieres and election races. Reporters in every beat look forward to that one highlight of the year, especially to help get past the summer blues.

And what's fall without a good cup of steaming coffee? It's a journalist's sustenance, but in the fall we feel at home with that travel mug, guzzling down the hot stuff like it's liquid inspiration. I mean, really, when you have a midnight deadline on a muggy August night, it's hard not to feel-slightly-ashamed.

Plus, as many other fall-lovers can attest to, the weather is almost perfect for reporting. When the sun is blazing most of the afternoon, you'll hardly need the bulky fleece jacket that will ruin your audio if you move even an inch. If you're on the scene for a broadcast report, you won't embarrass yourself in all of the accouterments (earmuffs, hats, scarves) necessary to survive a two-minute live shot without turning blue-and you still can't see your breath yet on camera. Of course, for the "old-school" print reporters, you can still get by sans gloves; those things make taking notes and typing on a touch screen phone just too difficult.

Finally, for all of us here at The Ramapo News, we look forward to our Halloween issue (think of the graphic design possibilities!) and to celebrate the holiday by spicing up our newsrooms with spooky decorations and gorging ourselves with chocolate and sugar. Oh, and let's not forget our favorite fall time of all: Thanksgiving week… our only break during the entire semester!

That's all the news for now-Nicole