Sequel Serves Up a Visual Feast

Returning with its sequel, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2” is almost a visual perfection filled with a world of imagination, but it feels a bit hectic. The story, by Erica Rivinoja, Chris Miller, Phil Lord, John Francis and Jonathan M. Goldstein, was appealing to the eyes, but leaves you a bit confused with the main message by the end.

The wacky inventor Flint Lockwood, voiced by Bill Hader, is asked to return to the lost island of Swallow Falls, where his machine that rained down food had gone haywire. In the first movie, viewers are left thinking Flint is left with the huge mess from his genius machine, but it turns out to be much more than that.

One of his idols, Chester V, happens to be a big company holder. He sends Flint, along with his father, his girlfriend Sam, Earl the local cop, his friend Brent and others to the island to find out that Flint’s machine is not just still active, but is now making mutated food-animals that roam the land.

The plot reminds you of “Jurassic Park” in the sense of them exploring this island uninhabited by people, but filled with these rare creatures. The movie is filled with a variety of food-based creative animals like “shrimpanzees,” “cheespiders,” “buffaloaf” and my favorite, “tocodile supremes.” 

Chester V acts as the villain in the story. After finding out what the island has become, Chester wants to take the animals over for himself. However, he knows he can only do that with Flint’s help. What will he do with the animals? A whole world has been created with all these “animals” made out of food, but which one should they be considered? 

The film provides stunning effects with creative ideas that distract the mind from the main story. It’s mainly about what you see which keeps your attention until the end. The film is good for small children or anyone that mainly focuses on the visual feast, but don’t expect this film to become a classic for the message.