Seasonal Activities to Make the Most of Fall

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting crisper and leaves are getting brighter. Fall may mean the end of trips to the swimming pool or beach, but the season offers plenty of fun activities that can easily be incorporated into any schedule.

Fall can be a busy time for most students, juggling back-to-school routines, homework, jobs, clubs and sports practice, but now is a great time to slow down, get together with some friends and enjoy all of the exciting activities fall has to offer.

Go Apple Picking

If you've somehow missed every other photo on Facebook, it's that time of year again to hoist yourself into trees and pick some apples.

Apple picking is one of the most popular autumn traditions. This is a great way to make the most of the beautiful fall weather and do something active at the same time.

October is National Apple month-and there's no better time to visit an orchard than during peak harvesting time. Masker Orchards located in Warwick, N.Y., about 40 minutes from Ramapo College, has more than 200 acres of farmland.

Parking and admission are free, and the farm welcomes you to eat their apples straight off of the trees-you're only charged for each bag of apples you drive off with.

"Apple picking has always been one of my favorite things about the fall season," said Maria Ameralis, a senior. "There is just something so rewarding about picking the perfect apple off a tree and eating it right on the spot."

Visit the Ramapo Reservation

When nice weather comes around, Ramapo students flock to the Ramapo Reservation. The reservation is in walking distance from campus, making it easily accessible for all students. The Ramapo Reservation is a 3,313-acre Bergen County park that offers hiking along a mountain brook with a waterfall, fishing in the Ramapo River and strolling around the Scarlet Oak Pond.

We are now approaching the most charming time of year in terms of foliage, and a great way to enjoy the changing leaves is to take a nature walk. This is a great activity for those who enjoy exercising, as it allows you to get your blood pumping while also taking in the gorgeous scenery.

"The reservation is one of my favorite parts about going to Ramapo," said Allie Engleberg, a senior. "Having such a beautiful state park nearby is more than I could ever ask for. I spend as much time there as I possibly can during this time of year."

Shop at a Farmers' Market

Take a break from your usual grocery store shopping and visit a local farmer's market. When you shop at a farmers' market, you are not only helping the environment by buying directly from the source, but you can also have fun while doing it.

Farmers' markets are set up outside with each vendor at their own booth, so you can walk around at your own pace. Most farmers' markets also have live bands playing throughout the day for your listening pleasure, creating a very lively, enjoyable atmosphere.

One such market near Ramapo is the Ramsey Farmers' Market, located at the Ramsey Train Station at Erie Plaza off Main Street in Ramsey.

At this market, like many others, you'll find vendors selling fresh produce, cheeses and dairy products from local farms, fresh baked goods from local bakeries, freshly cut flowers, dried fruit and nuts, various honey products and much more.

Farmers' markets are a fun way to discover and try new things.

"Farmers' markets are great because if you're skeptical about buying something, the vendor will usually let you sample it first," said Renee Bruno, a junior. "Every market I've encountered has that same welcoming atmosphere."

Whichever activities you choose to take part in this fall, whether it be one of these three or not, try to embrace the outdoors as much as possible. With so many enthusing things to do outside, it would be a shame to spend such a lovely season cooped up indoors-that's what winter is for!

So, enjoy the autumn season while you can. After all, it only comes around once a year.