Ramapo Gear, Nike Products and More Top Best Bookstore Buys

Strenuous long lines at the Ramapo College bookstore are no more. Students are situated in classes that they may love or hate but can no longer drop. Some students might have exchanged books just as they switched in and out of classes, but the painful bookstore lines that everyone fears are finally over. More importantly, the bookstore still offers some of the most popular items amongst students that are the best buys year-round. These are the items you can never go wrong with. These are the purchases you have probably noticed but aren’t aware of. Just in case you’re out of the loop, here’s the rundown.

Bookstore manager Teresa Minervini-King says, “Digitals are cheaper; more and more students are becoming more comfortable with digital. It makes more sense.”

Books are, for obvious reasons, a huge expense. Unfortunately, many students don’t know how to navigate through the store in order to find smart purchases for class material. For example, in case you are afraid of purchasing a digital book, digitals at the bookstore are not device specific. This means you don’t need a kindle or nook; it doesn’t matter what device you have, a cheaper version of your textbook is in fact accessible.

Students shouldn’t be afraid to rent either. “People are scared of renting. We allow for highlighting and note taking,” says King.

The bookstore’s most sought out merchandise is its promo material. The new Nike merchandise has been selling out consistently for the last couple weeks. Nike is perhaps the most recognizable global brand producing athletic footwear and apparel. You will find people wearing Nike at the gym, on their way to class, and even a Tuesday or Thursday night party. You won’t ever catch an athlete who doesn’t sport Nike apparel. Who’s to say what the bookstore’s next promo item may be but while Nike is still in stock, students would do well to get their hands on it. Aside from Nike, the bookstore currently offers crew necks for $14.95. Crew-necks are essential to every college boy’s wardrobe as they are comfortable, classic, and versatile. You can get away with wearing a nice crew-neck just about anywhere. However, you will not get away with paying $14.95 for a nice crew-neck anywhere, running at an average of twenty to twenty five dollars elsewhere. It is no wonder promo material is a great buy at the bookstore.

A year-round favorite amongst students is, of course, Ramapo merchandise.

“I love buying their pens because they represent where I go to school,” says sophomore music major, Jennifer Ovalles.

A large portion of the Ramapo Community owns some form of Ramapo merchandise. Students don’t shy away from showing campus pride whether they are on campus or away.

Ovalles says, “It’s important to represent where you’re from because, for me, it makes me proud I’m the first one to go to college….It reminds me to keep moving.”

Although there is a countless amount of people who argue fashion is shallow, it is incredible to realize how sentimental a piece of clothing can be. If students want something from the bookstore they can treasure thirty years from now, you will never go wrong purchasing a priceless symbol of alma mater pride.