SGA TODAY: President Encourages Student Involvement on Campus

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Vinny Guinta, and I am your Student Government President at Ramapo. I will be writing blogs for The Ramapo News on a bi-weekly to monthly basis in order to hear what you, the students, want to see changed at Ramapo, as well as to report on what SGA is working on for you.

I thought it would be appropriate for my first blog to discuss the offices on campus that students often have the most concerns about: Dining Services, Public Safety, the Center for Student Involvement, Residence Life, the Registrar and Student Affairs. SGA works with every office on campus, but these six appear to be of great interest to students. I want to emphasize that we have made strides and implemented change within these offices, but that we always need more student input.

As a few examples of SGA’s work, Dining Services will be having more themed dining nights and is open to student suggestions. Through the Village Housing Agreement, in collaboration with Public Safety and Residence Life, SGA has lessened the presence of Public Safety officers in the Village for non-emergency reasons.

Also in regard to Residence Life, we have clarified the housing registration process, which is now based only on credits and not civic engagement, per the students’ request. Lastly, SGA is currently formulating a plan to give priority registration to student athletes, and we are working with the Registrar and Provost’s Office on this idea.

While SGA has been able to accomplish these initiatives for students, we are far from satisfied. Our ability to create change on campus is unlimited, but only with the students’ voice.

With that being said, I ask that you leave us questions, concerns, or recommendations about how SGA can serve the student body better. After gathering input, we will be having an open forum with administrators from these six offices.

Also, feel free to contact me directly with inquiries at, or stop by the SGA Office with any recommendations. If we work together, we can form the Ramapo College that students want.

Editor’s Note: The Ramapo News provides space for bloggers on campus to express their views. These views are theirs and theirs alone and do not reflect anyone on the staff.