VIDEO: Haunted Mansion Spooks Students

Last Friday night, RCNJ's College Programming Board put on a fun and unique event for the students on campus. This year, Ramapo College's annual Octoberfest was extended from the usual Saturday carnival to a week-long party that included trips, activities and even a sidewalk chalk competition. On Friday, following the sidewalk chalk fun in the Grove, Laurel Courts filled up with excited students curious about the interesting activities offered at the "Fall Fallout."

On the courts a DJ set up his booth and played some popular, upbeat tunes. Many students danced and sung karaoke as well. In the back of the courts, go-cart racing was set up. This wasn't the conventional go-kart race; in this case the go-karts were toilet bowls on wheels. This was quite the sight to see, and although the activity was odd, the students seemed to have a good time and took its uniqueness in stride.

Following the hype on Miley Cyrus' new hit song "Wrecking Ball," "Fall Fallout" set up a bouncy area with an inflatable wrecking ball that swung students from left to right. The wrecking ball mirrored Cyrus' controversial music video, and students were able to experience the same "fun" Miley had in the video. Everyone on the wrecking ball tried hard to stay on and simultaneously contain their laughter and smiles.

"The wrecking ball and mechanical bull were fun, but the go-karts weren't what I expected, and it would be more fun if they had more activities," said sophomore Andra Ehrhardt, who had a fun time but recommends that more activities be added for next year's event.

Across the way, the mechanical bull stood as a challenge to any Ramapo student daring enough to attempt it. Ehrhardt put herself to the test to see how long she could withstand the bull. After a few seconds and a ton of laughter, Ehrhardt, like many other participants, was thrown off the bull.

"Even as a senior, it's nice to have these experiences on campus still. It's all about making memories with good friends, and I definitely did that at the wrecking ball activity and the haunted house. It was a lot of fun!" said student Brittany Lissemore.

After students made their rounds at the Laurel courts, they hopped in line for the very popular annual "Haunted Mansion," hosted by Ramapo College's Alpha Psi Omega (Theater Honor Society) chapter. President Nicholas Walsh, Vice President Caroline Harvey, and the rest of the E-board set up a fun, spooky and successful event.

Tours of eight entered the Birch Mansion where student actors dressed in turn of the century clothing that set the scenario and storyline for the group tour. The rest of the tour took place outdoors in the dark, where actors with scary makeup and bloodstained outfits popped out of nowhere to scare the students. Screams could be heard throughout the campus.

"My experience with the haunted house was superb! I cannot wait to partake in it next year," said freshman actor and volunteer Joe Martin.

Altogether the "Fall Fallout" night of RCNJ's Octoberfest proved to be a success. More activities could definitely be added to next year's event, but last Friday established a new annual tradition at Ramapo College.