Fall Menswear Trends that Make a Statement

We've heard it before: "clothes make the man."

While that may or may not be true, we cannot deny the importance of fashion and style in society. A well-dressed man makes a statement everywhere he goes. Whether it's to a job interview, to class or a quick trip to the mall, a well-dressed man will command attention. The colorful season of fall is finally among us, and it is a great opportunity to take control of what your appearance says. Fall, in particular, is a wonderful season for style because its weather permits men to be more creative than they could be in the summer.

If you've never been the type to layer your clothing, fall is the time to start. Layering different pieces of apparel makes your outfit more appealing. The layering trend even spills over to winter, so purchasing anything this fall might save you some money in the long run.

Begin a collection of different kinds of sweaters. You'll find out that they are interchangeable soon enough. You will never go wrong with the V-neck sweater, the shawl collar cardigan sweater, the cable-knit crew sweater (fisherman's sweater) or the pull-over sweater. You can mix all of these different kinds of sweaters with shirts or even under a jacket to give yourself a bit more warmth on a colder day.

The great part of owning a collection of sweaters is how simultaneously casual and elegant they can be. It will feel great to know you don't have to agonize about "what to wear for the occasion." Keep it simple: mix a sweater with an outfit and head out the door.

For men in corporate offices, and college men taking part in an internship, classic menswear never changes. Simplicity is the pillar of elegant office style. The rules are simple: navy blue and medium grey suits are always paired with black, brown or burgundy shoes. Black suits are always paired with black shoes, no exceptions. The only difference in office style is the revelation of fit this fall. Fit can make or break a suit (and anything else a man wears). According to the editors at "GQ Magazine," the bible of menswear, fit is everything.

"That's our mantra here at 'GQ.' It's what we preach every issue. Doesn't matter what kind of suit you're investing in, whether it's $200 or $2,000, flannel or seersucker, two-button or three. We've seen plenty of guys who've bought the right suit and let it hang off them like an NBA rookie on draft night. And we've seen men in cheap but well-tailored suits who look like a million bucks. The thing's got to fit right, or else there's no point in wearing it," they said.

If you're wondering why fit is so important in menswear, it's because it helps compliment physical aesthetics. Assuming most men are involved in some level of physical activity, as a member of a sports team or a regular visitor of the gym, the proper fit will help enhance their physique.

If you want to look better this fall, keep active, fit everything well and embrace simplicity.