Healthy Eating Plan Launched by College

Ramapo is joining many other colleges and universities in the initiative to promote healthy eating with the launch of Mindful, the College’s new health and wellness program.

Mindful will help students count calories, record body-mass index, reduce fat intake and help make a specified diet plan. The program will be launched by Sodexo Dining Services next month.

“The change is in the marketing/signage and communication which will assist students in making smart, healthy choices when eating on campus,” said David Carreras, operations manager of Sodexo Dining Services.

One feature of the program will be to provide “tip cards” in both dining halls that will have healthy eating tips that students can use to help guide them to live a healthier lifestyle.

The program will also incorporate smartphones. Sodexo has joined forces with MyFitnessPal to allow students to conveniently explore all the resources available through the app.

“I think it’s a very smart approach integrating social media,” said senior Alexandra Hathaway. “It makes everything more appealing to college students.”

Junior Janine Norton also agreed, saying that the program will help her keep on track with the personal initiatives she is already taking.

“I’ve been trying to eat healthier this year, and this will make it a whole lot easier to keep me on track,” Norton said.

Ramapo also has numerous clubs, such as 1Step and Health Awareness Team that helps students to become more involved on campus and gain insight from fellow colleagues who have similar interests about living healthy.

Ramapo has also incorporated healthy eating initiatives through housing with the launch of Sustainable Living Facilities in September 2010. SLF promotes student engagement in sustainability. The program allows students to grow their own food, take a course that educates members on eating sustainably and gain a better understanding of an overall healthier lifestyle.

Along with this seminar, the College also offers various courses that engage students to live healthier, such as World Sustainability and Health and Lifestyle.