Students Put Each Other to the Test in Game Show Event

“Looking for a good time tonight?”

That was the phrase College Programming Board members donned on their T-shirts at Saturday night’s “How Well Do You Know Your…” event. The game, based off of “The Newlywed Game,” gave roommates, friends, significant others and acquaintances the chance to test their knowledge about each other.

Students gathered at Friends Hall and paired up into teams. Partners sat on stage with a CPB member placed in between, recording their correct answers and keeping score. Students were asked questions like, “What is your partner’s favorite movie?” and, “How many siblings does your partner have?” Each correct question was worth 10 points, but half credit for partially correct answers was given.

The relationships of the students participating were varied, from friends, to roommates, to acquaintances.

“I met my partner on the very first day of college,” sophomore Christine DePope said. “I walked up to him and asked if he knew how to get to Bischoff, and he was like, ‘Yeah, I live there, we’ll find it together.’ We’ve been friends ever since.”

Junior Julia Clinton entered the game with her roommate and long-time friend.

“My partner is my roommate. We initially met in history class,” she said. “I think our chances of winning are pretty good. I see her everywhere for some reason.”

The game was split into three rounds of 10 questions and one final round of seven questions. The first two rounds included three couples each. The second was a redemption round for partners that lost in the first two rounds. The final included the winners of the previous three rounds to crown the overall winners of the night.

Prizes and raffles followed each round. Tickets were handed out at the door and three raffles were pulled, with the winners receiving two AMC movie tickets. A table at the front of the stage displayed the prizes for the winners, which included notebooks, candy, blankets, tumbler cups, and Frisbees, among other things. The winners of each round took their pick of the prizes. A final raffle determined who would take home the last of the prizes, and most students walked away with something to remember the night.

Those “looking for a good time,” as the CPB shirts promised, seemed to find it at the “How Well Do You Know Your…” event.

“I had a great time. All of the people involved were very enthusiastic and fun,” DePope explained. “Everyone took it seriously. There were great prizes and interesting questions. Even though I already know a lot about my friend, we definitely grew closer through this event and I learned more about him.”

A “good time” indeed.