Students Showcased at Latin Heritage Month Talent Show

A colored banner hangs from the entrance of the Birch Tree Inn. The buffet is stocked with Poblano peppers, rice and other traditional foods from Latin America. A huge sign greets students entering the dining hall: College celebrates Latino Heritage Month."

At 9 p.m. on Oct. 10, a crowd of people arrived at J. Lee's for de Talento," an event hosted by the Association of Latinos Moving Ahead and Lambda Theta Alpha.

de Talento was an event we had last semester, and it was very successful, and they asked us to hold the event again as a part of Latino Heritage Month," said Lori, a senior who was helping to set up the event. "It is an event where Ramapo students will get a chance to showcase their talents; whether it is singing, dancing or spoken word, they can perform here tonight."

The event attracted a large group of students as Lambda Theta Alpha and ALMA provided free Spanish food and a lineup of incredibly talented people. Among the many performers was freshman Noel Gordon Jr., a musician who opened for Jared Mahone at Tuesday Night Live two weeks ago.

"I'm really excited to be performing tonight," Gordon said. "It's very important that people are in touch with their heritage, and to be performing in an event that celebrates and encourages that, I am extremely proud. There are going to be so many talented people here tonight, and I really appreciate everybody that came out to support them."

Lambda Theta Alpha also held a raffle for everybody who attended the event. Although the event took place on a Thursday night, the great turnout and talented performers made the night a huge success.