Volleyball Star Thrives as Rookie Player

Freshman Rachel Selmore has taken the Ramapo College volleyball court by storm. The rookie has proven to be a key player for the Lady Roadrunners this season, posting impressive stats including a hitting percentage of .185 and 130 kills in 10 matches this season. 

The transition from high school to NCAA sports is tough for all college athletes, but Selmore said she has become pretty well adjusted so far.

 “I have been managing it; I just have to work harder, but it is all worth it,” she said.

The college environment may be new to the outside hitter, but she thinks the volleyball program here is amazing, especially the coaching staff and the rest of her team.

Selmore feels like the group of girls has been playing together for a long time because of how well they mesh together on and off the court.

Being on a new team can be overwhelming for many college athletes, but with the help of her teammates this was not the case for Selmore.

“I thought it would be hard on a new team, but the returning girls have been so open with all the freshmen,” Selmore said.

The talented freshman loves being in the front row during a volleyball game because her strengths are spiking and blocking the other team’s scoring chances.

“I always have to be ready to hit, just in case it’s a broken play,” she said.

The Morristown High School graduate has been performing on the court while balancing her first semester workload.  Rachel said she’s adjusting just fine and that it wasn’t as hard as she thought because she had a head start at Ramapo for the Educational Opportunity Fund program and volleyball preseason that started late this past summer.

Selmore said she is enjoying college life and all the opportunities it has to offer.

“I have been playing volleyball for four years, so I have gotten good at time management and balancing all my work. Once I know what it is, I do it the day it is assigned so I don’t have to worry about it during the week,” Selmore said.

“College is so much fun; I love the freedom and meeting and making new friends,” she added.

When she is not playing volleyball, Selmore said she likes to get rest and just relax and hang out with friends.  According to Selmore, volleyball is such an intense and competitive sport that alongside with classes, it takes up a lot of time.

Selmore loves her new team at Ramapo College. The volleyball player said that her teammates are her best friends and that they’ve been nothing but supportive throughout her first semester.  

“There is never a time where you feel left out. It is like having 12 close friends that you could call your sisters,” Selmore said.