Giants Fans Hoping for Turnaround After Tough Season Start

In the 2011 season, the New York Giants had proven that they were the best in the league by defeating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years. They were the undisputed best team of the 2011 season, but everything came tumbling down after that. They would finish the next season 9-7, and miss the playoffs. But, that isn’t the worst of it. After the first six games of the 2013 NFL season, they had yet to win a game. 

“It’s shocking to see them have such a poor record after having so much success in the recent past,” said junior Mike Hausch, who considers himself a diehard Giants fan. “To think a team that is 0-6 won the Super Bowl just two years ago, is stunning.”

The Giants did manage to earn their first win on Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings with a solid 23-7 victory at MetLife Stadium, but they will need to pile on wins to keep pace in the NFL. 

It’s been a tough start for the Giants, both offensively and defensively. Starting quarterback Eli Manning has a 9:15 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

Giants fans have been left to wonder if these mediocre stats are the best Manning can do. Manning has been under duress this season and has not had any help from his offensive line.

He’s been sacked a total of 16 times in the six games he’s started. His lack of protection from his offensive line has caused the detrimental interceptions and sacks that he’s been plagued with this season.

Offensive linemen Chris Snee and David Baas, key players for the Giants, have missed time from hip and neck injuries respectively. As a result, Manning has not had the vital support he needs to throw to his receivers.

On top of the Giants abysmal passing this season, Manning has no reliable running back to hand the ball in the backfield. Running backs David Wilson, Andre Brown, Da’Rel Scott, Henry Hynosky, and Brandon Jacobs have all faced injuries this season that have kept them from the gridiron.

Manning has ultimately been left with no choice but to throw. The lack of protection, as well as lack of running game, has made it impossible for Manning to get into rhythm.

The Giants have been known as a team that comes up big when faced with adversity, but injuries have already crippled their chances at making a post season run. If the Giants don’t have a drastic turnaround, it could be a rebuilding year in New York.