Library Adds Popular Books to Its Collection

The George T. Potter Library has added a bestsellers section to its stacks.

The library decided to set aside part of its budget to pay for the creation of a new bestsellers section after getting requests from students for more popular, newly released books.

"We had a survey last year. Quite a few people wrote in that they wanted recreational reading or popular fiction so we looked into doing something like that," said Sam Wittenberg, the system and web development librarian. "Also part of the issue is, first year students can't have a car on campus. They can't get to the public library, and that was another reason we wanted to start with this project."

The bestsellers collection can be found in the reading lounge across from the circulation desk, near the computer lab.

The check-out policy for this section is also different. While most books may only be taken out for two weeks but are renewable twice, books from the bestsellers section can be checked out for four weeks and renewed once.

"We wanted to try to give people a little more time. This is for fun reading. It's not supposed to be another assignment," Wittenberg explained.

Some of the current bestseller books include the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson, The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and works by John Green, Nora Roberts and Rainbow Rowell.

"Right now we're looking at getting about 150 books with the potential to expand," Wittenberg said.

The library staff is tracking circulation to determine what is popular among students so they know what to order in the future.

Future additions may include the Game of Thrones series, Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club and books by Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult and Neil Gaiman. 

A selection committee consisting of two librarians, two staff members and four students meets once a month to decide what books should be added.

However, students need not be on the committee to contribute ideas. The library is accepting book recommendations or suggestions through social media. Students can find the George T. Potter Library on Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing Sam Wittenberg at with the subject line "Bestsellers."

Students think the bestsellers section is a positive addition to the library, as it will promote students to check out books for recreational reading rather than only renting books for school purposes.

"It's obviously going to give students a broader range to choose from and give people a reason to come enjoy the library," sophomore Andrew Wank said, "and it will also increase the number of books being taken out by students for pleasure instead of strenuous activities."

Timothy McLeanas, a senior, agreed.

"Fiction is still a really important thing for students. We can't be reading reference books all the time even though we've got our classes to worry about," he said. "In between research and term papers, it's nice to remember that reading is a hobby."

Students can go to for more information or to see the current selection of books.