Pumpkin Themed Foods a Favorite Every Fall

Fall has been well underway for a couple of weeks now. What's more apparent than the fall weather and the fall fashion is the food that many have been waiting to return since this time last year, mainly pumpkin foods. Pumpkin picking is not the only thing pumpkins are good for in October. Most people prefer to eat pumpkins rather than pick them. Most of autumn's foods are generally considered to be treats. The return of fall symbolizes the return of many foods that are usually only offered during that time of the year. 

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is the epitome of all fall related food. It is a favorite among everyone. In fact, Starbucks has stated that there have been over 29,000 tweets featuring the hashtag "pumpkinspice" since August 2012. For those who are unaware of why the latte is so popular, the pumpkin spice latte is the perfect amount of sweet. It includes a shot of espresso combined with different kinds of spices of autumn – including cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. The spices are then made smooth with steamed milk and topped with a delicious bit of sweetened whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices. If that doesn't sound good, nothing does.

Pies are also an essential part of all fall food trends. For starters, pumpkin pie is at every table during Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is a natural selection for fall because pumpkin seems to be everyone's obsession. However, pumpkin pie is not the only pie in demand.

Sophomore Tiajah Beech says her favorite fall food is sweet potato pie.

"I make it with my grandma every year," Beech said. Pies are in some cases unique among fall foods because making them has become a household event for many. Baking has a long history of being a great leisure and bonding activity. One can bake with his or her mother, father, brother or sister, or significant other, and then sit down and enjoy the meal.

Fall foods tend to be extremely sweet. For example, the caramel apple is desired all season long. Caramel apples — the name says it all. Caramel apples are apples enriched and covered with caramel. While it may sound bizarre to some degree, caramel apples are anything but odd. It is a combination from heaven, and some people even add toppings to the treat to make it more enjoyable, ranging from nuts, candy to chocolate. The variation of toppings is pretty much endless. You can try many different combinations, mixing and matching toppings, and once you've experimented, pick your favorite. Caramel apples will be here all season long so make sure to enjoy them while they last. Don't be afraid to indulge in any of these fall foods while they are still available.