‘Carrie’ Remake Improves on Visuals, Falls Short on Fear

The revamped movie "Carrie" brought back the same horrors from the original Stephen King tale for the new generation. The plot remained the same for the most part, escalating during the main points in the movie.

Chloe Grace Moretz takes on the role of disturbed and reserved girl Carrie White. Carrie lives a very sheltered life because of her over-controlling opinionated mother who thinks everything in the everyday world is bad for her daughter. She is controlled by her mother's views and kept in her house with the exception of school. Carrie seems detached for the most part until her patience is pushed to the edge. When she is made upset, her mind is able to cause destruction using telekinetic power controlled by rage.

Carrie is an outsider and bullied often because of her upbringing. She deals with most of it until she endures extreme humiliation at her prom, and all hell breaks loose–literally. Carrie unleashes a rage like no one has ever seen.

The film is much more intense than the 1976 original, but lacks the scare factor at the same time. This new version has better visual effects that escalate Carrie's scenes of rage, but won't have you hiding in your seat.

The filmmakers do an excellent job relating the story to the newer generation with the prom scene. Carrie experiences terrible torment and students threaten to make videos that they recorded from their smartphones viral. Moretz does an excellent job executing the character and demonstrating her anger in this scene. She shows how powerful Carrie is using her whole body, making the audience feel what she does through the screen.

The shocker is at the end where Carrie's destruction goes beyond the prom and overtakes the whole town. Her rampage destroys the town, killing many more than anticipated unlike it's original.

Overall, the film is a good watch. It lacks the classic horror feel that instills fear in you for days after, but serves as a good thriller. The newer version added more action to the original plot with upgraded graphics and Moretz makes the perfect candidate for the role.

If you have seen a previous version, the comparisons from each film will conflict. For viewers who have never seen the movie, this film serves for an adequate watch. People looking for an action horror will also enjoy it. If you're looking for that pure fear that has you hiding in your seat, this is not the movie.