Gubernatorial Candidates Wrap Up on the Campaign Trail

With Election Day quickly approaching, Governor Chris Christie and Senator Barbara Buono have been making some last-minute campaign efforts, while Ramapo’s College Democrats and Republicans have been mimicking these efforts with their own on-campus campaigning, urging students to become informed voters.

Recent polls have revealed high numbers for Governor Christie. A recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll claims six in 10 voters favor the current governor.

However, both candidates are still campaigning.

Governor Christie spoke in Trenton to discuss tax returns and reflect on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy on Friday.

Recently, Shaquille O’Neal has officially endorsed Governor Christie through television advertisements paid for by the campaign.

Buono has also been reaching out to the state with several campaign efforts as well.

A police union that once supported Christie – the Superior Officers Association – endorsed Senator Buono

The female candidate delivered a speech publicly criticizing the current administration in Trenton on Monday: “… no amount of YouTube clips or late-night cracks on ‘Letterman’ can erase the fact that New Jersey is suffering. Tell people not to confuse being likeable with being on your side,” Buono said.

Ramapo College Democrats and Republicans have also been gearing up for elections day.

Recently, the College Democrats and College Republicans co-hosted a debate with the Criminology and Sociology club.

The College Democrats have been involved with the Bergen County Freeholder campaign through the Bergen County Democratic Committee where P. Christopher Tully, James Tedesco, and Northvale councilwoman Lorraine Waldes are running against Bergen County Freeholders John D. Mitchell, Maura R. DeNicola and John A. Felicefor the Bergen County Freeholder Seats.

Additionally, the club hosted a presentation on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund earlier this month as a First Year Student Challenge, or FYSC event, where freshmen are eligible to swipe in for floor points.

In the past few weeks, Ramapo NORML and the College Democrats have been participating in paid canvassing for District 38’s Democratic ticket for Bob Gordon, Tim Eustace and Joseph Lagana. Current assemblyman and Ramapo alumnus Eustace spoke at commencement last May.

Junior Sean Keough comments, “Campaigning for a good cause felt extremely rewarding, because I made a difference in helping [prospective voters] reach a resolution to their issues and better understand they are not only just ‘voting for Democrats’ because they may or may not generally believe in the party’s causes, but also voicing their opinions in Trenton to make the state run the way they want it to.”

The College Republicans are continuing to host a series of elected officials and partisan candidates, which also have been promoted as FYSC events, including: Congressman Scott Garrett, State Senator Gerry Cardinale, State Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, State Assembly Candidate Bob Auth, Bergen County Freeholder John Felice, Bergen County Freeholder Maura DeNicola, State Assembly Candidate Joan Fragala, State Assembly Candidate Joe Scarpa and State Senate Candidate Paul Duggan. Club members have volunteered and interned for the gubernatorial, state legislature and county campaigns as well.