Distance Doesn’t Mean the End of a Relationship

Relationships are filled with ups and downs. It takes a strong couple to overcome common relationship problems, but an even stronger couple to maintain their relationship apart. Long distance relationships require that extra effort from both sides to keep the love and relationship strong.

A long distance relationship cannot have any weak spots where cracks can form in the relationship. You have to have full trust, commitment and time dedication. A long distance relationship depends heavily on mental strength. A long distance relationship does not have the physical aspects like a normal relationship, so it has to depend on strong emotional connections and support from one another.

Trust is major in a long distance relationship. You have to have full faith and trust in your partner that they are committed to you and only you.

“You have enough stressing you out with not being physically near each other. You can’t be worried about whether your partner is cheating because even if they aren’t, the thought of it in the back of your mind will eat at you and end the relationship,” Alexiah Grant of DeSales University said.

In a long distance relationship, you don’t have the luxury of going on dates or spending quality time together. You have to get creative in order to get that special time in a long distance relationship.

Brittany Daniels, who is currently in a long distance relationship, said that in her relationship they watch movies together and talk a lot.

“We talk on the phone like a normal couple and then video chat when we’re home. It’s hard not being together, but I think we know each other more than a lot of other couples because of the hours of continuous conversation we have,” she said.

Aside from trusting each other, you have to be a strong individual in order to be in a relationship where your partner is not physically with you. The feeling of being far away from each other will take its toll. A person must be strong in order to be able to maintain his or her composure and stay fully committed.

Daniels said there’s always a sense of, “loneliness, emptiness and absence, but reassuring one another that it’s only temporary keeps them strong.”

Last but not least, a key to making a long distance relationship last is making the effort to visit whenever it is possible. Though visits may not be easy or frequent, the effort whenever possible will make the wait worth-while. Making an effort whenever possible will show your continuous effort and commitment. When these visits do occur, everything is special because of the rarity; it makes the long waits and complications all feel worth it.

Being in a long distance relationship is not easy. Not everyone can endure the problems and commitment it takes to be in one. It takes two strong individuals willing to put on the extra miles for each other to prove and keep their love strong while apart from each other. But as Grant puts it, “if you’re really in love, it’ll all be worth it.”