Sumac Trail Gets Haunted for Halloween

A cold breeze runs across Ramapo College, as the sun sets over the valley. Down the trail from Mackin Hall to ASB, zombies, skeletons and werewolves chase terrified students down the path.

But this is no apocalypse or zombie infestation; this is Linden and Overlook’s annual event, “A Nightmare in Ramapo.”

Students gathered in the conference room in the Pavilion on Oct. 25 for this exciting event, where they were treated with free food and participated in costume contests for the “scariest” and “most realistic” costumes.

“It’s a really good thing that the College takes part in these traditions,” said freshman Denise Zhu. “It definitely reminds me of the things we used to do at home, and it definitely helps me adjust.”

In addition to the celebration in the Pavilion, Linden held a special event on Sumac, the trail outside of the Pavillion, or the scare trail. Students were taken in groups down the trail, where volunteers dressed in horrifying costumes and waited to jump out at whoever came down the trail.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” freshman Jared Hayden said. “It was exactly what I was hoping it would be for a Halloween themed event.”

The amount of people that attended the event neared 100, making the event incredibly successful.

This was the first of three major events being sponsored this year, the second being the Halloween Spooktacular that occurred on Thursday, put on by the Residence Hall Association, and the third by Mackin Hall’s RHC in Friend’s Hall on the same day.