The Sounds of the Eagles Perpetuated by ‘Hotel California’

This past Saturday, the Sharp Theater was rocking out with the sounds of “Hotel California: A Salute to the Eagles.” The tribute band really got the crowd to have a fun time, and if everyone’s eyes were closed, one could argue that it was actually the Eagles playing.

The band consisted of five seasoned rockers, who gave off a cool vibe when they walked on stage. Their long hair blew with the wind machine and a light show flashed colors in the background. The multi-talented musicians formed their tribute band in order to “fill the void” that was left when the Eagles disbanded in 1982. “Hotel California” played all the Eagles’ top hits, including solo work from Joe Walsh, Don Henley and Glen Frey.

The band kicked off the show with “Take it Easy” to set an upbeat, carefree tone throughout the crowd. Immediately, fans were tapping their feet and singing along. As the show progressed, one could hear the beautiful harmonies that the five artists were capable of creating. Lead vocals were usually sung by Steve Probst and Wade Hogue, but every member of the band contributed to each song vocally, just as the Eagles would.

“I loved the musical quality of the show, the band sounds just like the Eagles,” said sophomore Angela Porcaro, who couldn’t stop dancing throughout the show.

At lead guitar, pedal steel and harmonica, Dickey Lee Dickenson rocked the stage with powerful solos. Probst also played some lead guitar and dabbled with the banjo and double neck guitar. Vocalist Wade Hogue played some acoustic guitar, while Phil Rowland took full control at the drum set and handled percussion. Bassist Scott Fronsue put on an impressive show with the talk box. When put together, their music created a perfect blend of acoustic, electric, percussion and vocals. This sound filled the theater throughout the course of the show, causing fans to go crazy when their favorites were played, like “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone.”

The tribute band has a tradition of taking a classic Eagles song, putting a twist on it and debuting it at a concert. On Sunday, “Hotel California” performed their own special a capella rendition of “Seven Bridges Road” for the Ramapo audience.

The band played fast songs that got audience members on their feet like “All She Wants to Do is Dance,” as well as slower ballads like “Best of my Love” and “Take it to the Limit.”

“Hotel California: A Salute to the Eagles” is one of the top and most sought after Eagles cover acts in the world and performs at over 150 high profile events a year. The exciting showcase takes the classic music of the Eagles that transcends boundaries of rock, R&B and country and shares it with fans. The band interacted with the audience and used unique instruments to add excitement to the already fun show. Mega hits such as “Heartache Tonight” and “Desperado” built up to the dimmed lights that introduced “Hotel California.” The crowd went wild and begged for an encore. The audience seemed to love the “Hotel California: A Salute to the Eagles” that played the Grammy award-winning music that defined an era. 

“We really enjoyed the show,” said a middle-aged couple from Bergen County. “Hearing music from our era made for a special and fun night out.”