CrossFit Pushes its Way Up in Popularity, Results Working Out

In the past year, CrossFit training has become many people’s go-to exercise. It’s now practiced by thousands and offered at over 7,000 affiliated gyms and facilities.

CrossFit is a high-intensity, but generally short duration workout composed of a variety of exercises. CrossFit Inc. is the official CrossFit company. It was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000. Glassman was the first to put the combination of brief and intense exercises together, develop the program and give it a name. In the recent years, the name has spread everywhere. Many classes are offered all over the country, including here at Ramapo

According to the official website,, the program is designed for everybody. Despite your experience or reasons for working out, CrossFit can be for you. CrossFit is set up so everyone does the same program, but the intensity is adjusted to match each individual’s needs or toned down to fit your skills. There are programs for kids all the way to senior citizens, from professional athletes to people with little or no workout experience.

The program uses a variety of different exercises ranging from plyometrics (jump training), to weight lifting, to endurance and agility training. The programs use simple workouts that are safe and natural that participants can be in the comfort of their own home doing push ups, burpees and squats. The key to CrossFit and the reason so many have gravitated towards it is because of the constant change in workouts during each session. The program is set up to be simple, but effective. They do this by using simple workouts and constantly switching up the intensities and order. This method is so effective because it throws off the body. The constant changing doesn’t allow the body to get accommodated which is why it produces the results so many strive for.

Senior Stephanie Kaplan has been taking the CrossFit class here on campus. She said she likes it because it is “something different than the weight room.” She said she got interested when she heard a lot of people talking about it and now she has been doing it on a weekly basis.

Even though the program is mainly taught as a class, it is in no way considered “girly.” Men make up a majority of the participants.

Senior Elvonney Poole said even though he already plays for the basketball team, he wants to try it because of all the good things he’s heard. He says he would do it to help him to get back in shape and “it sounds a lot better than running.”

CrossFit classes can be very expensive, but luckily for Ramapo students, one is offered here on campus every week. Every Monday at 4 p.m., the Bradley Center offers a free intramural CrossFit class in the auxiliary gym. All are welcome and it does not require you to register for certain class or pay so come check it out!