Students Relive Decades at Throwback Weekend

The College Programming Board took a trip through time last Thursday, Friday and Saturday with their "Throwback Weekend," offering students the chance to party in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Following the trend of "Throwback Thursday," where people post pictures from their past on social media sites, this event gave students the opportunity to enjoy three consecutively themed nights of bygone decades, a few of which many students have never experienced. According to CPB's co-president Elida Alfaro, this event was inspired by the idea to transport students to decades they have never lived in.

"Last semester in the spring, when we were beginning to formulate our calendar, our committee, as well as the e-board, had expressed interest in throwback events to give us a little taste of decades we never actually knew. Being that this weekend's dates are the 7th, 8th and 9th, we thought it was clever that they would correlate with the 70s, 80s and 90s," Alfaro said.

"Throwback Weekend" kicked off with Night" on Thursday, held in the Alumni Lounges. In true 70s fashion, students tie-dyed shirts and made their own lava lamps. Pizza was provided, and the space was decked in groovy 70s style.

Friday night was Night," also held in the Alumni Lounges. This night was celebrated with 80s interactive trivia, appropriately themed prizes and an ice cream bar. CPB also worked with an outside company, Any Excuse, who brought in popular video games from the 80s, like Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.

"There will be something for everyone from the most advanced to novice gamers," explained Alfaro.

The final night, Saturday, celebrated the 90s in the Alumni Lounges. The brave got up to sing 90s-themed karaoke to compete for prizes like "The Rugrats Movie," "The Wild Thornberrys Movie" and Ty Beanie Babies. Those who chose to watch instead of sing enjoyed an abundance of Chinese food.

There was no lack of participants for the sometimes fear-inducing karaoke. As this is the one era that most Ramapo students can remember, people were enthusiastic to get up on stage and give their renditions of songs like "Bye, Bye, Bye," "My Own Worst Enemy," and "What is Love."

"I love the 90s. A lot of people say it was better in our heads and really it might not be that good, but it gets pumped up in our heads. I'm a really nostalgic person," said sophomore Eddie Guillen, who got up to sing the Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way."

Perhaps the nostalgia associated with the 90s made it particularly attractive to students, but, according to Guillen, the activities or theme are of no consequence when it comes to having a good time.

"It's all about just getting people together," Guillen said. "As long as the people that you're with you like, then it doesn't matter what you're doing."