Avoid the Dreaded Winter Cold with These Helpful Tips

It’s flu season again! The temperatures are dropping and, once again, we must walk around with the fear of catching the dreaded cold.

In the past, you have probably spent more than an ample amount of time trying to avoid sick people, dressing as warm as humanly possible, or being obsessive compulsive about germs-and you still somehow ended up sick. You might have even started to believe that catching a cold is a rite of passage to finish the year and bring in a new one. Contrary to popular belief, avoiding a cold is possible, and you don’t have to be OCD to keep the germs off. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting sick.

First, always wash your hands and keep them clean. It’s true that germs are everywhere. They live on table surfaces. They are all over the keyboard you use to type up that paper that’s due in half an hour. They are on the doorknob of your next class. They might even be all over your best friend’s hands. The flu-virus can be everywhere. It’s vital to note that the goal of avoiding sickness is prevention, not treatment. Don’t take any chances. It’s better to be safe than sorry so wash your hands when you’re done in the bathroom and always keep hand sanitizer on you.

Anotherwat to keep sickness at bay is by hitting the gym. Being active is a wonderful way to increase your immunity. Although it’s most likely freezing outside, and you might not want to take that drive or walk to the gym, it is worth it.

Regular exercise is a great way to improve your mood as well. Physical activity is a stress reliever and is known to release endorphins. Endorphins are a group of hormones within the brain and nervous system that leave you feeling happier. If you’re not a fan of the gym, take a dance or martial arts class. You won’t just be increasing your immunity and feeling happier through the freezing weeks of winter, but you’ll be ahead of the “summer body” race.

Finally, adopt a healthy diet. The term “diet” has a horrible connotation. There is such a myriad of different fad diets that millions partake in, hoping to lose weight. Adopting a healthy diet doesn’t mean going “low carb” or not eating after you just left the gym. Adopting a healthy diet means being mindful of what you are eating and eating to nurture your body, rather than to please your taste buds.

Your body works like a machine. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, white meat and drink water.  If you follow these healthy tips, your chances of getting sick are going to be extremely low. You charge your phone every night to avoid the chances of it failing you the next day, so make sure your body doesn’t fail you either by charging it with healthy foods. Plus, it will make you feel more energized.  A healthy balanced diet is far more efficient in staying sickness-free year round than stocking up on supplements that promise to increase your immunity.

Although all of these tips are focused on avoiding sickness during the winter, use these year round. Living a healthy life year after year is more rewarding than just trying to avoiding getting sick every winter.