Heartwarming Sequel Kicks Off the Holiday Film Season

After a 15-year-long wait for the next chapter, “The Best Man Holiday” was worth it. Filled with laughs, tears and drama, I would say the second movie was the perfect sequel, and even better than the first.

The film starts with flashbacks that show where everyone left off with their lives in the opening credits. Shorty after, it quickly shows where all the characters are 15 years later. Everyone has matured, and the bunch has evolved into a very successful group who are all financially well off.

The story is told with a focus around Harper, played by Taye Diggs, and Robyn, played by Sanaa Lathan. We see Harper and Robyn focusing on their pregnancy after multiple failed attempts. Harper is seen trying to secretly hide their financial problems after his previous unsuccessful book and recent job loss. His publisher tells him that his most recent work is not going to sell and that he refuses to publish it. Desperate for a good book, his publisher suggests for Harper to write the biography of the soon to retire, old best friend and New York Giants football star Lance, played by Morris Chestnut.

Ironically enough, Harper and Robyn receive an invitation from Lance’s wife, Mia, played by Monica Calhoun, to spend Christmas at their house this year. Though hesitant, Harper sees the invite as a possible opportunity to ask Lance about the biography and rekindle their friendship.

Upon arrival, Harper and Robyn are greeted with love from Mia. Lance is the total opposite and shows Harper that he clearly has not forgot what happened between them in the previous movie. At the same time, we see the rest of the old cast.

Candace, played by Regina Hall, and Julian, played by Harold Perrineau, arrive with their two girls. They are married and running a prestigious private elementary school, but their relationship is tested when an old video of Candace goes viral.

Jordan, played by Nia Long, is a very successful business woman. The cast is thrown off when she arrives with longtime boyfriend Brian, played by Eddie Cibrian, because he is Caucasian. Jordan struggles with true commitment despite her eight-year relationship with Brian, and gets a reality check when he temporarily leaves her.

The last two cast members are single. Quentin, played by Terrence Howard, and Shelby, played by Melissa De Sousa, are the socialites and crazy ones of the group. Both in the entertainment business, they maintain a crazy, single lifestyle, but bring that laughter to the film. In the sad moments, they are the turn-around.

The friends spend time at Mia and Lance’s mansion during the week of Christmas where they catch up on where they left off with each other. It seems to just be a friendly holiday gathering, but ends up being much more than that, especially to Mia.

The film shows the true test and problems of friendships and relationships. Everyone is shown dealing with their own individual issues that don’t amount to the one they will all have to endure together.

The film is an excellent sequel to the first film filled with life lessons. It is a must watch for everyone, especially couples. Don’t expect to leave the theater without shedding a few tears.