Packing Tips To Try Before Heading Home for Winter Break

Anxiously waiting to go home for winter break and being school-free for a month can be very exciting. The thought of winter break and the free time that comes with it can sometimes cause us to over-pack. Many people think that they are going to be gone for so long and will do so many things that they need to pack up their whole room. However, that’s usually not the case.

In order to pack efficiently, you need to stop and think about what you will really be doing for the duration of winter break. Essentials and valuables are usually the key. You probably won’t need all of the clothes you brought to school or every accessory because many people still have extra clothes and the like at home. The things you will need more than once or twice are the only necessities needed in order to pack light.

The most important things to pack are your valuables. Anything that has a lot of meaning to you or is expensive needs to accompany you home. The school warns us all that they are not responsible for any stolen or misplaced items over break. That means anything that you may place value on, such as jewelry, televisions, computers, iPods and even designer clothing or shoes, should be taken home. You don’t want to come back to items missing from your dorm.

Clothing is generally the most over-packed item. Many students have the mindset that going back to our hometown will mean visiting friends and going out every night, so packing all of our clothes is necessary. However, that’s isn’t always what occurs. Sure, New Years and a few other celebration occasions will pass during winter break, but you probably won’t need everything you have in your dorm. If anything, bring a few of your favorite outfits and a pair of pajamas and sweats, and remember to be realistic about what you will actually need over break.

Last but not least are food and last-minute items. Right before you are about to leave, do a quick, full sweep of your space. Scan for necessities and food. If you have a kitchen full of food, quickly check the perishable foods’ expiration dates before you’re not able to assess your room. Any food that may expire before February is important to either bring home or dispose of them. The last-minute sweep will help you remember any other little things in your room that you may need to take home, such as your favorite hat or maybe even small plants that need tending to on a daily basis.

The key to successful winter break packing is bringing as little as possible home, because in the long run, it will be a nuisance to bring it all back. Plan and think ahead of time about your realistic plans for over break. Bring home the things that mean the most to you or that you absolutely can’t go a month without. Pick out your favorite garments of clothing and shoes. Do a sweep of your room before you leave just to get the last-minute items you may have looked over. Finally, make sure to review the Ramapo rules and procedures for the room before leaving.