Keep Warm This Winter with Some Lively Pops of Color

In a word, winter is bleak. Once it sinks in that there are months of darkness ahead, the only thing people tend to want to do is complain and lounge around in pajamas. When the temperature plummets, it can be tempting to forget any notions of being stylish as we reach for cozy, frumpy knits and dreary jackets in a bid to fend off the dark and cold.

However, winter fashion is exciting because it adds a number of pieces into one's wardrobe that can't be worn year-round. Scarves, hats, boots and coats give every fashion personality an array of possibilities to work with. Among these are some essential favorites that any fashionista must take note of this season.


From October to March, your outerwear is the first thing that everyone sees, so why not make a statement? There are a number of coats to choose from, and stylists recommend picking out a coat with a pop of color or a shade other than navy or black this season. Sometimes it's hard to stray away from these staples because they go with virtually everything, but taking this fashion risk does not have to be entirely drastic. Start out slow by gravitating towards a burgundy or dark green coat-they're dark shades, but still give a nice pop of color.

Popular among women are peacoats and down feather parkas, but winter wrap coats are making an appearance among designers. Wrap coats are universally flattering on all body types and sizes – think Diane von Furstenberg's iconic wrap dress. They usually do not have any buttons, just a wrap around with a belt. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


Wrapping your neck with a scarf can add degrees of heat to the unprotected skin above your coat. Sure, a scarf isn't a new accessory, but it's definitely one of the biggest ways to make a fashion statement. Nothing looks more chic than bundling up in a bold scarf. If you aren't a pro at tying it together, opt for an infinity scarf that will stay put around your neck.

Printed scarves are a fun way to liven up a dull outfit. If you tend to gravitate towards more gray and black clothing during the winter months, a colorful, printed scarf could make all the difference. Whether you chose a plaid pattern or a leopard print, a printed scarf is sure to function as your windy-day BFF.

Knee-High Boots

Warm and chic, two qualities to look for in cold-weather footwear, come together with the perfect pair of knee-high boots. The classic riding boot has been around for a number of seasons now and it's no secret as to why: This is the one boot you can dress up or down with any outfit. You can easily substitute a pair of heels for this sleek footwear option and still look equally polished.

When the temperature drops, it can be tempting to go into fashion hibernation, but don't let the cold weather get you down. Do something different this winter-stay smart and keep warm, but bring light and life back into your wardrobe. Just because the days are shorter and darker, it doesn't mean you can't light up the room.