Last Second Auburn Win Will Go Down in Football History

On Sunday, the world of college football experienced one of the most stunning upsets as Auburn defeated Alabama in dramatic fashion. A last second 57-yard field goal attempt by Alabama’s Adam Griffith came up short and was caught by Auburn cornerback Chris Davis, who ran the ball the length of the field to score the game-winning touchdown.

Auburn’s home crowd erupted in an emotional display as the home team bested undefeated Alabama, who appeared to be on their way to a third straight national championship.

The upset has become the most talked about moment in all of sports and has become one of the most memorable finishes to a college football game of all time.

We asked Ramapo students what they thought of the surprising finish.

“People will remember how big of a game it was and also you don’t see anything like that very often.” – Dean Tarta, junior 

“They will remember it in NCAA highlights or when the two teams play again in the future.” – Dean Tarta, junior 

“They will remember it if they are really big fans. It was a really stupid decision, they should have just kneeled it.” – Tom O’Neill, freshman

“It was a pretty ridiculous way to score. Stuff like that happens all the time. In ten years I don’t think people will care.” – Matt D’Amico, freshman 

“I think people will remember the ending because it was unique. You don’t see a missed field goal returned for a touch down ever.” – Matt D’Amico, freshman