‘That Awkward Moment’ Cast List Doesn’t Live Up To Expectations

Although "That Awkward Moment" had its hip and savvy casting, the film fell short of its expectations as a "bro-comedy." Directed and written by Tom Gormican, it had all of the qualities of a sub-par chick flick along with a jumpy storyline.

"That Awkward Moment" focuses on Jason (Zac Efron), the 20-something year old player, Mikey(Michael B. Jordan), the sensitive doctor dealing with divorce, and Daniel (Miles Teller), the humorous loud-mouthed friend. It looks into the lives of three guys and dealing with their own personal problems and trying to be faithful friends by sticking to a plan stating that they will not get into a serious relationship.

Throughout the film, we learn that Jason has commitment phobia and has a "roster" of girls that he keeps around. When one girl begins to ask where the relationship is going, he breaks it off and starts one up with the next girl. However, Jason finds himself in a pickle when he meets a lively young writer named Ellie, who he starts to fall for.

Daniel, Jason's right-hand wingman, is just as troubled as Jason. He leans on old-time gal pal Chelsea to help him pick up girls daily until he begins to sleep with her and realizes that he is falling for her.

Mikey pieces together that his wife, Vera, is sleeping with their divorce lawyer, and he tries spontaneity and love to win her back. Jason and Daniel believe that Mikey is "getting laid" by a woman that he met at the bar, but little do they know he is sleeping with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

"Every relationship arrives at a critical moment. A critical juncture between moving forward and moving on," Jason says when he begins to realize that maybe a serious relationship would be good for him. After all, Ellie told him, "Being in a relationship is just about being there for somebody else."

While this movie had its funny and quirky moments, at other times it bored audiences, leaving them waiting for something extraordinary to happen. What really kept the film alive were Teller's witty remarks, which were most likely improvised, making it much funnier.

"That Awkward Moment" is a raunchy comedy, but takes the "things just got real" turn when deaths and heartbreak are brought into the script. Overall, this film was average, even with its intriguing cast list.