Tips For A Smooth Spring Semester Transition

It’s back to another semester at Ramapo, and despite the rocky start to the semester with all of the cancellations due to snow, students still have a responsibility to keep up with their schoolwork. If you are still in the winter slump, here are some ways you can get back into the academic mentality.

Procrastination is something that many students fall prey to. It’s the voice in your head that says, “I have time to do it later,” which can be a very dangerous road to walk. When you procrastinate, putting off the work assuming that you will be available to do it later instead of doing it when you know you have free time is a gamble, and some students would rather not take that risk.

To keep up on your work, try to get smaller assignments done quickly so you don’t have to think about them when larger, more extensive assignments roll around. Writing down work and future tests is also a great way to stay organized and keep track of what needs to be done.

“If it’s normal work, I would usually start it soon after it’s assigned,” said junior Trevor Waters. “If it’s a bigger project, sometimes I will push it back until the last minute. I procrastinate but I always make up for the procrastination in the last few days before it’s due.” 

Making a change to your typical schedule is another great way to get back in the swing of things. Falling asleep earlier than normal or making a set time for meals can help keep you on a schedule. A consistent schedule is a great way to stay focused on going to class and getting work done.

“If I have class in the morning, I usually don’t like to stay up later than 12 a.m. I normally stay up later but I will make sure I don’t sleep past 12 p.m. if I have an afternoon class,” said junior Tom Czerminski. “Same goes for if I have no class that day; I generally don’t like sleeping past 12 p.m.”

Making a schedule in general can be very helpful if you don’t already do so. Start by making note of when you have set obligations, such as class, and then add in times for necessities like catching some sleep or eating a meal. This can get you on more of a structured lifestyle. Throw in time for doing schoolwork, seeing friends, going to the gym or just relaxing. Setting a loose schedule keeps you organized and on top of the important events that come up in your life.

“It’s a mindset; you must be organized. I like to make myself lists of things that I need to do and cross off as I do them,” said sophomore John Farella.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while adjusting back to life at school is simply to enjoy the Ramapo atmosphere. Being up in the mountains, seeing a different set of friends more often, going to class, knowing that you will not have a home cooked meal unless you make it yourself–these types of things can change your mentality the minute you step on campus.

Remember that it is your responsibility alone to go to class, to get work done and to do things like fall asleep at an earlier time if needed. It is ultimately up to you whether your work actually gets done or not. Therefore, keep these tips in mind and make a positive start to this new semester.