How To Avoid The Cold During The Stretch of Frigid Weather

This winter has been extremely rough since the spring semester began here at Ramapo. In the past couple of weeks, the temperatures have ranged from the high twenties to even below 10 degrees. The North Jersey area continues to get pummeled by snow storms as we get further into the winter season.

The incredibly cold weather has made getting around campus a hassle. Getting to your class from any of the housing areas on campus (or from the parking lot if you're a commuter) takes a lot more time than anyone wants to spend outside in this weather. The students who have the worst walks to class are the ones who have an early morning or night class.

Students are forced to go outside every day in the cold weather, so it's very important to dress appropriately. Due to how low the temperatures have been, wearing just a sweatshirt will not be enough. Not wearing the proper clothing outside can make walking to class a very unpleasant experience and can possibly make you sick.

In order to stay warm, junior Connor Jewett said, "I just bundle up as much as I possibly can."

Students who do not own much winter clothing do not necessarily have to spend money in order to obtain it. It is very easy to borrow winter clothing from your friends, roommates or neighbors.

When exercising, under armor is a good item of clothing to have, especially if you want to work out in the cold air. Running with a bunch of heavy clothing on can slow you down and destroy your workout, but under armor is light and it keeps you very warm.

Senior Kevin DeMaio said, "Wearing under armor is a lot more comfortable than bundling up."

We are getting closer to spring time, but students shouldn't act like the harsh weather is history. Forecasters are expecting snow in the next week and they are predicting the roads to be icy as well. Commuters should be careful on the roads when they travel to class. Students should also think about limiting their time outside for the next couple of weeks. For example, if you plan on going to the gym after class, it would be better to bring what you need for the gym with you to class in order to take the least amount of trips outside as possible.

The freezing weather isn't going away anytime soon, so students should prepare for a cold next couple of weeks.