Res Life Makes Changes To Housing Selection

Residence Life recently revamped the housing selection process with the hope of making the experience easier for those students who are planning to live on campus next year.

Students will see three major changes to the process when it comes time to choose where they want to live next year.

The first difference is the elimination of the points system and a return back to the credit-based system of years past.

"Based on the student feedback regarding the points system last year, it was clear students did not like the points system," said Director of Residence Life Linda Diaz. "Many different groups of students felt they should be issued extra points based on their specific involvements, which would quickly become a logistical nightmare."

Many students voiced complaints about the point system when it was enacted, which lead to the return to the credit-based system.

"I’m glad that the housing process is reverting back to the credit system," said Kelly Blake, a junior. "I understand the concept of trying to draw students to on campus events, but a lot of us felt it ended up penalizing students who either didn’t want to or didn’t have the time to attend such events."

Residence Life has also made certain changes involving for which students each dorm building will be reserved.

Linden Hall is will now not be an option for returning students and instead is being reserved for transfers. In the past, Bischoff Hall was reserved for transfers, but Residence Life has decided to make certain floors in Bischoff available during the housing process for current first-year students going into their sophomore year. Depending on their credit status and what is available during their admittance time, first-year students can select Bischoff Hall or The Overlook for their sophomore year.

This year during the housing selection process, students will also be permitted to enter as a group of two, not just a group of four, or as an individual, another major change from last year.

"I met with Kevin Cottino from the Student Government Association about student concerns about housing selection, and allowing pairs to participate in housing selection was a top priority," said Diaz. "Hundreds of students preferred the credit-based system, but complained that pairs of students were not able to go through housing selection and were required to go through as groups."

Students seem to have reacted positively to these three changes.

"I really like the new housing process. I really like that you can submit a group of two instead of only four," said Briana Pfeilmeier, a senior. "It’s also nice to know they don’t go off the point system anymore."

Residence Life worked with the Student Government Association and took feedback from the students in order to come up with a new housing selection process that better suited the students.

"Based on the students’ feedback in the post housing selection survey and the input from Student Government, we know many more students will be satisfied with housing selection," said Diaz.

Students also appreciated seeing their opinions taken into consideration.

"It makes us happy to know that we can not only voice our opinions as students, but that our opinion is accounted for," said sophomore I’india Davenport.

Further information about the housing selection process will be posted on the Ramapo housing website on March 4 after 3:00 p.m.

"This will be announced at all open houses, Immediate Decision Days and admissions tours starting this summer so that all incoming freshman for fall 2015 will be informed throughout the 2014-2015 year where first-year students will be placed for the fall 2015 and spring 2016 academic year," said Diaz.