Sweet Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one holiday that often leaves people confused. Questions can arise like, “Should I buy him/her a gift this year?” and “How much is too much to spend?” Whether you are in a serious relationship or just casually dating, there are many sweet gestures you can do for a loved one during this season of love.


If your partner is a movie or television show junkie, show them a new way to see the Big Apple. With New York being the most filmed city in the world, a company called “On Location Tours” takes visitors on a bus tour around to see the city’s famous landmarks, where unforgettable scenes in television and movies have been filmed.


“On Location Tours” offers different packages depending on your taste. You can visit the locations of “Gossip Girl,” “Seinfeld,” “Sex and the City,” “The Sopranos,” “Glee” and “How I Met Your Mother.” You could also visit sights that have been seen in movies like “Spider-Man,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “I Am Legend,” “Serendipity,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “The Avengers,” and much more. By visiting onlocationtours.com, you can pick your ultimate package for a cost of around $25 per ticket, which is a total steal!


Another way to wind down this Valentine’s Day is by getting your loved one a couples’ massage. Not only does your partner get to enjoy this relaxing spa-filled day, but you do as well. Most spa packages run minimally around $250 for a joint massage, but if you have never been to Massage Envy, they offer a $50 introductory massage, costing only $100 altogether.


Not looking to spend a fortune this Valentine’s Day? Make a scrapbook! Include various pictures of the two of you together at parties, out at dinner, or even silly selfies you may have taken. Also include pictures of places you both like to visit together, whether it is your favorite restaurant or a street you like to take a nightly stroll on. Next to the pictures, write cute comments and describe how each moment you spent together made you feel. Not only does the gesture save you a ton of money, but it is sweet and romantic and one that your partner will never forget.


Making a dinner reservation at your favorite place is also a good way to spend Valentine’s Day with your nearest and dearest.


Junior Angie Yon said, “We are going to The Melting Pot in Hoboken this year. Every year since we’ve been together we love going there for Valentine’s Day. The atmosphere is dim-lit, the tables are private and you basically get to cook your own food together at the table, which is an unforgettable experience in and of itself. This fondue-styled restaurant is amazing!”


A cheaper alternative to going out to eat is making your significant other a home-cooked meal.


“If I had a boyfriend, I would love to cook him a homemade dinner and get him a little gag gift that is cute but funny,” said junior Amanda Siciliano. “Maybe something like a silly t-shirt, a ton of his favorite candy, or a keychain of something that would remind him of me.”


Whether you plan on staying in and doing something small or going out this Valentine’s Day, any gesture is a thoughtful one.