Popular Game Apps for Your Phone

Games on Androids and iPhones are becoming increasingly popular. From games like "Temple Run" to "Minecraft" to "Cut the Rope," people are becoming persistent in their addiction to beat these games.

Flappy Bird

"Flappy Bird" is a game that everybody loves to hate. Upon its release, millions of people were downloading and playing it worldwide. The reason a game like this became so easily addictive and popular is simply because it is a game that everyone can play. The concept is simple: make the bird fly and make sure he doesn't hit into any poles. People were eager to download this game because it was something new that seemed like fun and that people could beat. Players didn't realize that this game wasn't as easy as it looked and continually got frustrated, trying to make it past easy levels. On Feb. 9,  the creator of "Flappy Bird" removed the game from app stores.

Candy Crush Saga

The phenomenon behind the "Candy Crush Saga" is still continually growing. With its release more than a year ago, its ratings are still at an all-time high. Why, you ask? "Candy Crush" is a game that always has more. It is said that the game creates new levels almost every two weeks to keep people playing and wanting more. Another subconscious reason people may feel the need to constantly play is that this game can be played with one hand. According to one of the game's designers, Tommy Palm, "it was set up so that players could multitask." Altogether, trying to finish this game is the main goal, and that is the hardest part when other levels are constantly being added.

Heads Up!

"Heads Up!" is a new game for iPhone and Android that stems from the hilarious game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her daytime television show. This game became instantly popular not only because Ellen is such a hit, but because it is great to play with a group of friends. The object of the game is to guess the word that is on the screen that you hold up to your head. Your friends give you clues, and you must guess before the timer runs out. This game features many categories such as celebrities, movies and animals. This game can make any atmosphere fun and is the reason why people are catching on so quickly.

Angry Birds

 "Angry Birds" was one of the first games to gain such intense popularity on the iPhone and Android platforms. Much like "Flappy Bird," this game instantly became addictive. The reason is mainly because this game entails flinging irate birds at greedy pigs who stole their eggs. The player has a certain number of birds to toss, some with different qualities than others that can help you clear the levels. Not only is this game addictive in the sense that you feel the need to finish the levels, but completing a level in three stars is another goal of many players. When people are done completing the challenges in the free app version, many often buy the regular version and even the deluxe packages because they just can't get enough.


With many features similar to the game "Million Second Quiz" (that stemmed from the television game show), in ," you get to pick the categories that your knowledge prefers. From categories such as movies, Disney, food and so on, you can get as specific or as vague as you would like. You play against another player, and this game is all the more addictive because people can link to their friends and play against people they know. Quiz games are becoming more popular because people like to think they know more about certain topics than others and would go through great lengths to have proof.