Big changes are always happening here at The Ramapo News. From reaching a Facebook milestone of 500+ likes to devising and distributing a readership survey, our spring semester has gotten off to a busy start!

But as much as we want to focus on what we have going on right now-and of course, on the weekly issues we have to produce-we still do need to be forward thinking and start preparing for next year, when many of our staffers will be graduating. (Including me!)

While it is hard to see so many of our dedicated and beloved editorial board members go each semester, we are also excited about bringing new people onto our staff. Right now, we are seeking individuals to fill four open positions come the fall.

We will need to hire a new Web/Social Media Editor, a Creative Director, a News Editor and Copy Editors, and you can learn all about each of these positions on The Archway. Search for the following Job IDs: 4780, 4781, 4782 and 4783.

We say it every year, but The Ramapo News really does offer a comprehensive extracurricular experience. Whether you have a journalism background or simply just like our newspaper, there is a place for you in our organization. We pride ourselves on being diverse, welcoming and open to new people and new voices. I’m a little biased (contrary to my journalism training), but I think that a gig with The Ramapo News is pretty sweet.

Plus, as college students, we all know the importance of getting real-world experience, obtaining leadership skills and creating an impressive resume and portfolio. The Ramapo News fulfills all of this, and more. If you want to work for us, we’re happy to work with you to craft a mutually beneficial partnership.

Oh, and did I mention our other perks? Press passes… weekly dinners… exclusive tickets… juicy gossip…  I could go on and on.

That’s all the news for now-Nicole