Ramapo Named One of the Best Schools in ‘Unique’ Ranking

Ramapo College has been recognized by yet another higher education ranking service, TheBestSchools.org.  

Ramapo was ranked as one of the two best schools in New Jersey-along with Princeton University-in The Best School's listing of "The 100 Best Colleges and Universities in the U.S."

For each state, The Best School selects the top full-fledged university and four-year liberal arts college using optimization" that assesses academic excellence, return on investment and incidental benefit, among other factors.

"TheBestSchools.org selected your school based on reputation of the school and its faculty, its dedication to a broad liberal arts education, its accreditation and its overall academic caliber compared to other institutions of the same type within the same state," James A. Barham, the site's general editor, said in an email.

Ramapo is among such prestigious institutions as Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Vassar College and Swarthmore College to be ranked by TheBestSchools.org.

The Best Schools sets itself apart from other ranking services for several reasons, including the fact that it isn't "top-heavy" with the usual Ivy Leagues and California schools.

"In this ranking, we make geographical diversity our main focus, looking for the best education offered in each state, from Alabama to Wyoming," according to the site. "The result is a unique list of schools, two from each state, one a full-fledged research, the other a college focused on undergraduate education. We believe this list identifies the very best that higher education has to offer across the length and breadth of this great land."