Blacklight Mini Golf Lights Up Friends Hall

On Friday, College Programming Board hosted a blacklight miniature golf event in Friends Hall. The event was free to any student at Ramapo, making it a great source of Friday night entertainment without breaking the bank.

When students walked into Friends Hall, they simply needed to pick up a club from the table and grab a ball from the bucket and start playing. The clubs and balls came in many different colors, giving students many options to pick from when they walked in and adding a bit of fun to the event.

The CPB did an impressive job setting up a miniature golf course in Friends Hall. The course consisted of several different holes that all had distinct differences. For example, some holes had different turns and ramps to give the students more variation as they played.

The holes were not in any sort of strict order, so students could play any way they wanted to. However, most of the students chose to play in large groups, as if it was an actual miniature golf course.

Black lights were set up in every corner of Friends Hall, to give it that “miniature-golf” feel.

Sophomore Max Zigermen, who was helping run the event, said, “We wanted to give the students a simple and free event where they could just enjoy themselves.”

The event had a fairly good turnout and the students that were there seemed to enjoy themselves.

In fact, many students chose to go back and play multiple rounds after completing the course.

“I like the idea of the event. I like when the school has interactive events,” said junior Jordan Moses.

This event was a nice distraction for students who were looking for a good way to start their Friday night. It also allowed students to participate in an active event without having to deal with harsh cold weather outside.

“I enjoyed mini golf, but I feel like more people could have been informed about the event,” said junior Connor Brady.

All-in-all, CPB gave students a good reason to come out of their dorms for a night and participate in a fun event. It’s hard to pass up blacklight miniature golf, especially when it’s free. Look for more free CPB events to come this semester.