THE WEEKLY GRIND: You Ask, We Answer… Sometimes

At The Ramapo News, we get many requests. From event coverage to advertising solicitations, from article pitches to news tips, my inbox is flooded on a daily basis.

Full disclosure: I'm one of those OCD-types that has to keep her inbox orderly and clean, so you can imagine how often I'm reading and categorizing messages.

Most often, we love to get your mail. I would estimate that probably half of the stories we produce each week are inspired from emails that we get from clubs, groups and faculty and staff. We can't possibly have eyes and ears everywhere around campus (although we'd like to), so it's very helpful to hear about events and ideas that we may have missed.

But with the amount of emails I get, it's inevitable that we get some inquiries out of left field. Now that we are online 24/7 at, it is amazing how many people have access to all of our contact information. We have received requests for copies of other newspapers (not our own…), solicitations for online ads and web applications, press releases for events in other states and even the more-than-occasional spam message.

I have to say, some of them I get a kick out of. Other times, I wonder how the message even ended up on my virtual doorstep.

Nevertheless, I do my best to answer each and every email, even if I'm scratching my head as I do so. While it may not be logistically possible for us to cover your interpretive dance performance in Philadelphia (okay, I might be slightly exaggerating on that one), it's good to know about it.

So, what's the moral of this blog post, you might ask? (Good question.) Keep sending us mail! We love to hear from our readers, and whenever possible, we'd like to work with you.  

That's all the news for now-Nicole