I came across an interestingly applicable quote the other day doing some class reading.

"Computers are moving off the desk, into laps, and then from there, to be simply embedded in our environment."

This insight came from a technology scholar, but his words certainly transcend to other fields of study. I realized as much just by observing my own experiences.

Hardly a conversation goes by where I am not compelled to pull out my smartphone and check a fact I had been debating (usually to prove that I'm right). Plus, it is rare for me not to supplement a TV show or movie I am watching with other elements online–a live Twitter feed, news articles, or the occasional homework assignment.

None of this would be possible if, as the writer quoted above explains, computers hadn't become smaller, more accessible and more integral to our culture.

The journalism industry has struggled with this phenomenon as other businesses have. No longer could news outlets rely on audiences coming to them… tracking down a copy of the local paper at the corner newsstand, tuning in every night to the broadcast at 6 p.m. on the dot. Rather, we now must find better ways to come to you–to your computers, your tablets, your email inbox, your news feeds and your smartphones.

We at The Ramapo News have increasingly been taking these ideas into consideration as we wrap up our readership survey and look for new ways we can innovate and improve. We have gotten some really interesting and productive feedback so far on how we can accomplish these goals, and we're looking forward to unveiling them shortly.

For now, though, I point you in the direction of some of our already established initiatives to connect with our community in the ways that the most convenient and easy for you.

If you are a social media junkie (and lets face it, who isn't), find us on Facebook and Twitter, where we not only post about the news, but about fun happenings from our family to yours. We hope to find you on other social media platforms soon.

If you'd rather immediacy, sign up for our email edition to get breaking alerts and comprehensive newsletters with all of the news delivered right in your inbox.

How about if you're always on the go? We don't have an app (yet), but see our mobile site for easier news viewing on the train, in class or just in your bed.

And of course, if paper is just more your thing, you can find new issues on stands around campus every Thursday… we'll never miss a chance to deliver you the news in print! It is, after all, half of what we do.

That's all the news for now-Nicole