Senior Debuts Designs in Online Jewelry Store

Nicole Alvarez successfully launched Nicole’s NYC, a two-month old online jewelry store that sells statement jewels, all while completing her senior year at Ramapo.

Created by the Alvarez sisters, Melanie, Cathy, and Nicole of Old Tappan, N.J., Nicole’s NYC features around 50 unique pieces of jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Nicole Alvarez is a visual communications design major and the brains behind the formation of the website. She is responsible for the branding and photography of the website,

The idea for the online jewelry store originated from their parents’ accessory store, Nicole’s Accessories, which is based in New York City. While the girls liked the idea of selling jewelry, they preferred a different style of jewelry than what was their parents’ had to offer, so they thought an online store would be more ideal for their own convenience and for the convenience of shoppers.

“As young women, we understand the importance of lasting impression,” the site explains. “Looking for stunning yet affordable statement pieces can be challenging at times, but our job at Nicole’s NYC is to take care of that stress, while you simply prepare to bask in radiating beauty!”

Personally, Nicole loves to accessorize and said that the right piece of jewelry can make any outfit. The website is for girls who share her passion for great jewelry. 

“We’ve only had this company for two months. It has been pretty good for being brand new. It definitely has been more successful than I thought it would after just releasing it,” said Alvarez.

Much of the success of Nicole’s NYC can be attributed to help from family, friends and friends of those friends who are getting the word out. 

“A blogger from Canada recently noticed our site and put our information out there,” said Alvarez. “She’s actually buying some of our pieces for her upcoming wedding, which is so exciting! It’s nice to see our name get out there.”

While the sisters do not personally make the jewelry they sell, they take a trip to New York City together to pick out the newest and most hip necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets that best suit their personal style and the style they portray on their website.

“Right now this is something that me and my sisters are doing on the side,” said Alvarez. “When I graduate I plan on applying for internships or jobs, but it would be awesome if Nicole’s NYC blew up and I really hope it does!”

Alvarez is even offering a special sale for Ramapo students. Use the promo code RAMAPO20 and get 20 percent off your purchase today.