Students Seize Several Different Opportunities This Spring Break

Spring break is only a few days away, and Ramapo students are preparing for a long week of vacationing, relaxing at home, or working. Some Ramapo students are asking for extra hours at their jobs and some are planning getaways with friends to tropical islands to get rid of the winter blues.

Beaches are the hotspot for most Ramapo students and other college students around the nation.

Greg Bukowski, a senior, believes that hot climate locations are a prime spot for spring break vacationers.

"The first thing that comes to mind is Mexico because it's cheap and there are always spring break activities in Cancun," he said.

There are several other places around the United States that provide plenty of activities for college-aged students like Miami Beach, Daytona Beach and Laguna Beach. These destinations have proved to be favorites among vacationers who have a strict budget but want to get far away from the freezing New Jersey weather.

"People like to get away for spring break to islands like Ibiza and the Dominican Republic," Sashalee Rashford, a sophomore, said.

Among the Ramapo community, the islands, beaches and warm weather are the most inviting aspects to a spring break destination.

Ramapo students who are staying home to work to stay financially comfortable at school still yearn for a few days on a sunny beach.

Spring break isn't always about running off to the beach for a getaway, but it is a time to get a head start on future endeavors. Bukowski is planning to stay home for the first few days of Ramapo's spring break but said, "the last four days I'm going to Arizona to visit a grad school for the weekend at Arizona State University."

Students like Bukowski are taking advantage of the free week to prepare their post-Ramapo lives so they can continue doing research or furthering their education at graduate schools.

Fortunately, Bukowski added, "[Arizona State University] is paying for my flight and other travel accommodations," helping to make his spring break "trip" cheap, affordable and productive.

Spring break is also a time to put the books down and focus on those at home. Rashford will be staying with her family in the Bronx over break.

"I will be spending my spring break with my family because there are some family members I haven't seen in awhile," she said.

Students from out-of-state find this week a time to reconnect with those at home and visit those they haven't seen in a few months (maybe even longer).

There are a variety of things Ramapo students hope to achieve over their spring breaks this year. There are those who are enjoying a trip to paradise to escape the wrath of Old Man Winter, while some are staying home to make a little extra cash. Still others are heading back home to spend time with family before finishing their last nine weeks of school.

Either way, Ramapo students are traveling cheap, being productive, or bringing relaxation to their lives this break. It seems like spring break 2014 will be productive and beneficial for the Ramapo community.