Accentuate Any Spring Ensemble in a Variety of Fashions

Accessories are magic. They can effortlessly transform an outfit like a fairy godmother preparing you for anything. Accessories can make your life easier and easily transport you into the different dynamics of a spring day.
For the Minimalist
For those of you who don’t have time to think about accessorizing, or the patience to drag around pounds of metal and plastic, then the simple look is for you. Minimal accessories will save you from deciding whether to go out with friends after work or staying at home from embarrassment of your work clothes. A simple, chic canvas tote walked the runway multiple times on the Spring 2014 Runway, according to “Vogue Magazine.” Wear all black to work? Grab a hot pink canvas tote (or any color that will really pop) and you’re set for a night out with your friends! The good news is the canvas tote can carry your ugly work shoes while you engage in the night of your life.
Another handy minimalist accessory is the scarf. Look for bright, colorful patterns at Banana Republic, Lucky Brand Jeans, Urban Outfitters, or Kohls to find affordable scarves to highlight your beautiful face. A simple scarf can add a third dimension to your boring work outfit. It can also make the typical tank top and jean outfit acceptable. Scarves are the magic wands of fashion. Bad hair day? Wrap your scarf in a pretty bow around your top bun and voila! (Don’t worry, Pinterest is there to guide you on scarf tying). “Harper’s Bazaar” states the newest trend, “Hippie Styles and Fringe,” a hot commodity for spring. That cross body woven bag with a little fringe you bought from Urban Outfitters is no longer “hipster,” but mainstream. Fringe can add a lot to an outfit when accessorizing for the minimalist. It’s an easy way to grab attention without begging for it. Fringe is a period piece, but the fun swishing as you walk makes twirling in the sun particularly fun this spring.
For the Show-Stoppers
Now there are accessories to properly convey that free spirit of yours. The bohemian look is finally conventional! Floral necklaces, hippie headbands, long skirts and high waisted, patterned shorts. It’s all the craze. To really emulate the new trend, look to Lea Michelle, Sienna Miller or the Olsen twins. These ladies show you how to pull off “bohemian” in an everyday look as well as a night-out look. A long, floral skirt or maxi dress is a must-have this spring season. The versatility of the clothing item will help make dressing up or down a cinch! Adding a bohemian belt keeps you in the 2014 fashion while staying comfortable and affordable. The spring sun may give your skin a glow, but can do a number on your eyes. Protect your eyes with the “Jacqueline Kennedy” shaped shades or the newest trend, circle frames. As the sun goes down and the temperature cools, a colorful, fringe scarf or shawl that easily fits in your canvas tote will help with the cool weather without dragging a jacket along with you wherever you go.
For the Men 
According to “Details Magazine,” the man-bag is officially chic. Once you gather up the nerve to carry around a sophisticated bag, you’ll never let it go. The look can 
be a bold statement for men. The “man-bag” goes great with the hot double-breasted blazer, and not just the black ones. Blue, red and pinstripe are walking the streets of Milan. Pop on a nice Movado watch and you’re ready for the sophisticated life. Whatever spring brings, be prepared with a new look and think about your accessories this season. Accessories can bring you from work to a night out, or from school to date night when you plan ahead. Not to mention you can look like a million bucks while keeping your wallet full. Remember, every detail counts!