Assemblyman Jay Webber Discusses His Experiences in Trenton

The College Republicans hosted New Jersey Assemblyman Jay Webber in the York Room on Tuesday. 

Webber spoke to the students in attendance about his personal experiences in Trenton as an assemblyman and about being an active Republican in college.

“If you’re a right of center person, someone who thinks the government is too big… you’re in the majority,” Webber said.

Webber went on to discuss some current hot topics in politics, like healthcare and state debt, and his experiences with them in Trenton.  

He told the audience that one of the first issues he addressed when he came into office in 2008 was healthcare. 

“I tried to be proactive in New Jersey and get ahead of the issue,” said Webber.

Webber also shared his personal idea for reforming healthcare that he advocated for in 2008. He argued that small businesses should be able to buy health insurance over state lines, and mentioned that New Jersey residents would have benefited more than most states from this because healthcare prices are so high in this state.

Webber also went into the issue of state debt in New Jersey. The state currently has over $40 billion in direct state debt.

“We have to make better choices and better decisions about when we need to borrow,” said Webber.

Webber concluded the talk by encouraging students to demand better leadership and to get involved with these issues.