Sports Struggle with Amount of Snow Received This Winter

Ramapo students and staff have had a lot to complain about with all the snow we’ve had this year. Classes were canceled on Jan. 21, Feb. 5, Feb. 13 and Feb 14. However, the snow has been just as much of a burden for Ramapo’s athletes and athletic staff.

Several games have had to be postponed, relocated or even canceled, and teams have had to hold practice in unusual places. The athletic staff is looking forward to the warmer weather and melting of snow.

“We will be back outside when we get back from spring break,” said Chuck Gordon, the Ramapo College director of athletics. “We’re fortunate that the school’s facilities have helped us by getting the snow removed.”

The teams most affected by the snow covering the athletic fields are baseball, softball, tennis and lacrosse.

The baseball team has already had three sets of doubleheader games postponed or canceled, including their home opener on March 9 against Oswego State. The women’s lacrosse team had their first home game of the season relocated to an away game and had two other road games postponed.

Apparently Ramapo is not the only school having trouble dealing with the snow.

The tennis teams have had to rent court time off campus to stay practicing. Other teams have been forced to hold practice indoors in the auxiliary gym.

“We’ve all got a bit of cabin fever here,” Gordon said. “It will feel good to get out of the aux gym and back outside.”

Gordon also admitted that not all of the games that were postponed would be made up.

Fortunately, most of the school’s teams will be on the road over spring break playing tournaments in warmer weather. The baseball team will travel to Winter Haven, Fla. for the Russ Matt Tournament and the men and women’s tennis teams and the women’s lacrosse team will be in Hilton Head, S.C. for their spring trips.

All of the Roadrunner teams and members of the athletic staff are looking forward to returning from break and resuming regular game and practice schedules.