Game Industry Shows No Sign of Lag, Constantly Leveling Up

Since their creation, video games have become more and more popular. They have now become a dominating source of entertainment. Despite how expensive video game consoles have become, the price is not stopping consumers from lining up to buy them.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrived in stores this past fall and they are still rapidly flying off the shelves. According to Sony, the PS4 has already sold six million consoles, and according to Microsoft, the Xbox One has sold four million.

“Video games are much more entertaining than watching a show or movie,” said freshman Robert Rabe.

Video games have evolved so much in the past decade, and that is definitely a factor in their growing popularity. One big change is that video games have grown in their capacity for storytelling. Games now have much more depth in their stories, which are allowing them to be compared to movies. Some games are even referred to as being interactive movies.

“Games are just too much fun; I always feel obligated to buy one when I go to the store,” said freshman George Redmond.

Another reason why video games are so popular is the technology that is put into the consoles. Years ago, video games were introduced to motion controls from consoles such as the Wii. Shortly after, the Xbox 360 and PS3 got these capabilities as well, but now the new consoles have become even more advanced. For example, the Xbox One has a voice command feature that allows you to navigate the console by telling it what to do instead of using the controller.

Games also always improve their graphics as time goes on, which makes them visually more appealing to customers.

Video games have become very competitive ever since they gained access to the Internet. Computer games have allowed players to play online for a very long time, but only this past decade have consoles gained access to the Internet. This has led to the rise in popularity of games like “Call of Duty,” that foster a competitive nature in players.

While video games have provided entertainment for millions, they also have created unhealthy obsessions in some children. Many people, specifically children, have become fixated with games to the point that they stop socializing or doing any physical activity. A huge factor in why video games have become a leading source in entertainment is because of how addicting they are, and it has led some people to an unhealthy lifestyle.

“In high school all I did is play Xbox and then one day I decided I should probably start going out and being social, so I stopped buying games,” said senior John Markind.

As time goes on, games will become more advanced. People will continued to purchase them as the storylines and graphics get better, and they will most likely continue to be a huge source of entertainment for our generation. It is predicted that the price of video games will keep escalating in the future, but there is no doubt that people will continue to buy and play them.