Demystifying Veganism in a Few Easy Steps

Whether you cringe at the sight of meat, are taking on the hipster lifestyle or just want to be healthier overall, being a vegan takes genuine dedication. Yet over the years, eating organic and becoming vegan has been made easier for those who have always struggled with it.

Eating out as a vegan can be difficult depending on where you go. Although there are options for vegans at some establishments and restaurants specifically for those who are looking for vegan food, it can still be tricky to find a meal on the menu that will satisfy you.

Kait MacIver, a sophomore, stated that eating out, as a vegan, is still very difficult.

“I think that options for vegans have improved but not enough,” she said, “and it is still extremely difficult for vegans to eat out.”

If you’re a vegan and are stressed about how to eat out, here are some tips: Plan ahead. Before going out, look up restaurants. Search the menu, call the restaurant and ask about their vegan options. Before venturing out, make sure the restaurant can accommodate you. You may also want to try going out for different cuisine. Mexican, Indian and Thai foods have many meals that are naturally vegan. 

If you’re eating on campus, look up the menu for the day. See what vegetarian and vegan options are served before going. Second, look for ways to substitute sides. For example, meals that include butter can be substituted with a healthy alternative. Making a simple change can improve your dining experience overall.

Lauren Stallone, a junior, agrees that being a vegan is much easier now than it has been in the past. 

“I think being a vegan today is a lot easier because so many restaurants are open to this new healthy lifestyle,” Stallone explained. “As long as you’re willing to do the research, the options are out there.”

Having trouble shopping for vegan food and ingredients? Don’t panic; there is a solution to your problem. Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, although more expensive, sell a large variety vegan products. Stores like Shoprite and Stop and Shop have also expanded their product variety, and they are now starting to incorporate aisles specifically for vegan options as well as organic foods.

Megan McLeod, a junior, shares how she shops for organic groceries.

“If I’m looking to buy organic products, I usually go straight to the organic aisle,” she said. “I look for items that are on sale before buying them, which makes it much less expensive to eat healthy.”

Are you looking for new ways to cook vegan? Cooking vegan can be more difficult than shopping for vegan products and eating out. Vegan meals may seem few and far between, but with substituting products and finding the right recipes, it can be much easier. There are many websites that help those who are living a vegan lifestyle.

If you’re looking for vegan recipes check out This website offers all you need to know about eating vegan, cooking vegan and becoming vegan. Something that seems so difficult can actually be made much easier with a few simple steps.