Interior Renovations in CPAs To Begin May 2015

The Ramapo College Board of Trustees passed a resolution to make interior renovations to the College Park Apartments and additional renovations to the surrounding area during its most recent meeting.

“The Board approved an initial drawdown of up to $275,000 from unrestricted net assets to hire design professionals and others to develop plans,” Stephen Hudik, assistant vice president of communications and public relations, said in an email.

The project will involve interior renovations to 12 of the 14 College Park Apartments and exterior renovations to the CPA laundry room and other on-site improvements.

According to Hudik, the construction and renovation is expected to begin in May 2015 and be completed by 2016. 

With the third and fourth floors of the G-wing renovation and the Adler Center for Nursing Excellence on track to be completed during the next academic year, the newly approved CPA construction will begin shortly after the current jobs are completed.

Design professionals and the College will work together to update the interior of the College Park Apartments as they see fit. The exact nature of the renovations has not been released yet, but many Ramapo students agree that this is a much-needed change.

“The CPAs are pretty nice overall but some parts of the interior, like the furniture and bathroom area need to be updated,” said junior and current CPA resident Jacob Khodakov.

These new interior renovations will follow the recent exterior renovations to the Phase II College Park Apartments, which were constructed in 1976. The exterior renovations included new roofing, new siding, exterior façade work, updated windows and replacement of heating and air conditioning units, according to the Ramapo website. All of these upgrades will help the Phase II buildings become more energy-efficient and stable.

Amy Lando, a junior, has lived in the CPAs for two consecutive years and enjoys what they have to offer. 

“They have a really nice set up here, but I like the idea to renovate the interior because the inside really needs to be updated in some areas to add to the appeal and cleanliness of the buildings,” she said.