Career Revival Sabotaged by Confusing Plot and Useless Gore

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback movie, “Sabotage,” was released on Friday. This action movie is about DEA agents attempting to capture a Mexican drug lord, but when the mission goes awry, the team can no longer trust each other, and members begin to die one by one.

David Ayer, director of “The Fast and the Furious” and “Training Day,” brings to the screen a gory, mystery-action film starring none other than Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington (“Avatar”), Josh Holloway (“Lost”) and Terrance Howard (“Radio”). Together, they make up a team of elite DEA agents that bust drug lords by hiding undercover and doing whatever it takes to bring down smugglers, but most importantly, they hunt down the men who killed Schwarzenegger’s family.

The movie begins with a hostage film of a woman being tortured. The title sequence rolls and right away the scene skips to a mansion filled with nude women and drug consumption. Schwarzenegger rides in with his crew and busts into the mansion, killing as many people as they can. A red-haired woman who was previously shown partaking in the deviant behavior, jumps into action and suits up, revealing her true identity as a DEA agent. Right away, there is an established sense of closeness with this DEA squad.

The movie continues with a poor plot line and confusing introductions to new characters. Homicide investigator Caroline (Olivia Williams) jumps into the picture when the first DEA team member to die is run over by a train in his trailer home. As the movie continues, Caroline is kept in the dark (poorly), as the DEA squad has to keep their secret–they are stealing money from drug lords.

The movie did a poor job of keeping the audience informed; it was unclear if the movie was about Schwarzenegger avenging his murdered family’s death, or drug lords hunting down the DEA for all the arrests they made against their gangs.

All in all, the movie ended up being about a group of people fighting over 10 million dollars. It had an uninteresting plot and extremely graphic and violent deaths. There was brief nudity in the beginning, and an excessive use of profanity, so proceed with caution if those sorts of things make you squeamish. Overall, it was a poor production of a film that was essentially made to show that Schwarzenegger can still bench a thousand pounds.