Exclusive: The Ramapo News Interviews Big Sean

Big Sean headlined Ramapo’s annual spring concert on Saturday, April 5th, while the show was opened by 92.3 radio performer, DJ Toro. The event was sold out months in advance and drew in a massive crowed that crammed into the Bradley Center to see the hip-hop artist. After the show, "The Ramapo News" sat down with Big Sean for an exclusive interview. 

Ramapo News (RN): What has your college tour been like? 

Big Sean (BS):  It’s been crazy, this is just the beginning of it, it’s just been wild. I’ve seen a lot of Aura Gold, my clothing line in the crowd. A lot of supporters, a lot of just great people, a lot of dreamers, a lot of people that just let it go tonight, let their problems go and just enjoyed it. I was happy about that.

RN: How did you feel about the show at Ramapo? 

BS:  Ramapo showed love, it’s one of the best shows I’ve done this year for sure. It’s great energy, you know the energy was on 10, I can tell that they were excited and I know the show sold out a couple months in advance, I was happy to be a part of it, I was glad we could make it happen.

RN: What was the inspiration for your latest album? 

BS: I just wanted to make something for dreamers, songs like "Fire," songs like "Nothing is Stopping You," songs like "World Ablaze." Songs that people could really relate to, I feel like I was tackling features in an aggressive way but I wanted to at least make one album that I got a lot more musical with. Some people didn’t like that, some people preferred that…I made a mixtape, I made a "Detroit" mixtape that was like straight spitting and people liked that but I like trying things as an artist and some people love that more than anything, "Hall of Fame," it’s just your opinion. We’re working on a new album now, and it’s definitely different from "Hall of Fame" and probably more like my mixtapes. People are probably gonna gravitate toward that a lot.

RN: What was it like working with Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi and others on your latest album? 

BS: It was great, those are all my homies, friends. Cudi is really like an "OG" friend of mine, really like my brother, whether he’s on "GOOD Music" or not it doesn’t matter, it’s deeper than that. That’s my super, super good friend. Nicki is a great friend too, she’s a supporter, she’s a diva, you know, she’s easy to work with, but she doesn’t take any smack. She’s a businessperson. 

RN: What’s next for you personally and professionally? 

BS: Professionally, just making more music, expanding as an artist, just solidifying myself in this rap game for the long run. I got a clothing line Aura Gold, I got a fiancée, you know all that so it’s just making everything right, growing up, becoming a man. A lot of great people in my life so I’m blessed, I’m blessed.

-Additional reporting by Candace Mitchell, Kristen Garafano and Gelline De Guzman