Big Names Come Out on Top at 23rd Annual MTV Movie Awards

Just like every other year, the 23rd Annual MTV Movie Awards stirred up conversation from the audience like no other.

With Conan O’Brien hosting the awards show, he added humor with a musical number featuring “Workaholics” star Adam Devine, created this year’s favorite movies into six second Vine videos, made up two new (fake) categories for awards, including Best Product Placement and Best Kiss Fight, and he also managed to collaborate cameos of 50 different celebrities into his opening sequence. While Mr. O’Brien brought a lot of entertainment to the stage, many viewers thought it was “out of place” that he was chosen to be the host. Many felt that he was irrelevant to MTV and its movie awards.

“When I found out that Conan O’Brien was hosting the MTV Movie Award show I was very confused. I couldn’t seem to understand how he was relevant to the movie scene. I think they could have definitely picked someone who younger kids know since teenagers are a primary target,” said Ramapo sophomore Tara Sander. 

The awards show took a turn for the worse when fans were “creeped out” by the musical performance done by Twenty One Pilots. This performance included the group and the fans surrounding the stage sporting white over-the-face masks-the kind of masks you see in movies when people rob banks. During this song, Twitter was blowing up with negative feedback for the group and many were confused, not even knowing who the band was.

The two major awards that were given out on Sunday evening were the Trailblazer Award and the Generation Award. The Trailblazer Award was given to Channing Tatum from his Hollywood friend and co-star from “21 Jumpstreet,” Jonah Hill. Hill joked that Tatum wasn’t deserving of the Trailblazer Award because he is a “gorgeous man who can easily land lead roles,” whereas Hill had obstacles becoming a movie star, being that he “doesn’t have the ‘Hollywood’ look.”

The Generation Award was given to Mark Wahlberg by the cast of the hit show, “Entourage.” In Wahlberg’s acceptance speech, he thanks “the original” entourage.

Wahlberg joked, “I know what this award means…I’ve seen Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller accept this award…It means that I’m too old and I won’t be invited back next year.”

All joking aside, Wahlberg was grateful for the award and for the journey it took to get to where he is today.

A jaw-dropping moment of the night was when Jessica Alba and Rita Ora announced Zac “E-fron” as winner of the shirtless “hottie,” and Ora yanked off the buttons on Efron’s shirt, exposing his bare and tightly sculptured stomach. Girls in the audience went wild, and for the remainder of the show, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Marie Claire were tweeting countless pictures of Efron with his shirt off.

While the Paul Walker memorial brought a solemn tone to the show, the Eminem and Rihanna performance of “Monster” and Ellie Goulding’s performance featuring Zedd brought the spirits of the audience and fans back up. Although the 23rd Annual MTV Movie Awards just ended, fans are speculating who should host for next year.